Whenever someone is trying to advocate for your business or plan to add more crowd to it, they would love to extend their reach by sharing the brand’s message within networks. Thanks to the current employee advocacy programs, employees can now advocate for their brand and their probable items to get a growing and strong client base. 

Generally speaking, the term employee advocacy is relatively new in this field of social media engagement. It is a promotional means of any organization, where the work remains on the employees mostly. Here, employees are given the task to share some vital information about chosen campaigns or products. On the other hand, they can furthermore share the culture of the company online, to boost the brand reputation and make recruitment a lot easier.

Value of employee advocacy:

There are various forms of employee advocacy available, but the effective channel is always social media. As the employees already have social media profiles, it becomes easier for them to share a message to thousands of people at the same time, without any prior setup. Even the employees have followers which the main brand doesn’t. So, sharing brand content within personalized channels means double the followers’ rate. 

Before you tune in for the employee advocacy program, it is vital to learn more about the resources, guidelines, and rewards available within. It helps in standardizing how the employees get to share the brand content and making it a lot easier for them. Not only the companies, but employees can get their share of values with advocacy. They can always enhance credibility and become industry experts. They will learn the values of social selling techniques with ease through such programs.

Unlock employee advocacy right now!

Now the time has come to offer necessary tips to the brands. Some companies think that employees do not need any extra training for social media handling. But, the truth is, having any LinkedIn profile does not mean that the person knows how to promote the company in the best possible manner. 

  • Companies get the chance to increase the willingness of the employees by offering some training; and the much-needed ones.
  • The training is rather important to help the employees get some better results by sharing tips on potential links and topics to share, when to post, how often, ways to optimize social profiles, and more.
  • The training will further help the employees to work with the relevant channels only and create proper hashtag lists. They will further work on some suggested captions for their content.
  • Training will help educate employees and make them feel more comfortable and confident by promoting the firm on social media.

Influence – the best part of employee advocacy:

It is hard to mark or score influence through any sophisticated algorithm or a score. It will literally go beyond the world of Kred or Klout score. Influence is the final result of trustworthiness, authenticity, and reach. But, you must know that offline influence won’t be counted into the online scores, and it won’t help you to gain more followers for Instagram. Your employee might have a stronghold socially outside social networks, and even more than what they get to portray on social media channels. So, just be sure that even with Klout or Kred, you are just checking on the online influence of your employees, and not covering their entire influence to focus at.

The benefits revolving around employee advocacy:

Even though the field of employee advocacy is within its initial stages, but it literally has its own benefits to consider. So, before you get more into this field, chalking out the benefits will work out well for you.

  • You get the opportunity to increase your present reach on Social. According to SocialFlow, they have covered organic reach of around 3000 FB pages to reach an average of 600 million users annually. Right now, the brands are allocating enough money towards social media advertisements to push up their scale. At this point, employee engagement will be cost-effective to increase reach organically.
  • Thanks to employee advocacy, now you can improve the retention and company culture too. Right now, such a culture is pretty important for employers and employees, as well. Around 80% of the businesses would like to improve corporate culture. So, employee advocacy is taking a different stand as of now.
  • If you are willing to increase the bottom line of your firm, employee advocacy is one point to consider. It will also help boost the morale of your firm. As per the research data from Social Media Today, around 64% of the firms with formal employee advocacy programs will add advocacy within the list to add new business motives. Alongside this, 45% of them add new revenue points to enrich employee advocacy.

How to make employee advocacy best:

There are various employee advocacy program modules available, but making the best one is really important. For that, your advocacy program needs to be strategic. Make sure to implement the goals in metrics in their according to places to measure progress through these goals. It happens to be sustainable in nature and designed to last long. Your employee advocacy program must be organic. So, the participants must have a genuine interest in your brand to inspire advocacy and not just mandate it.

Enjoy ultimate lead generation:

It is really easy to know that salespeople using the power of social media will always outsell peers by around 78%. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are amazing for greater lead generation with a little bit of effort. However, employee sharing will enhance the net rate on a wider scale, which will give rise to the ultimate business growth and revenue.

Going through the points will ensure that the time has come for business leaders to create a promising culture where employee advocacy can grow smoothly. Now the organizations can easily start engaging their ultimate asset, which is; people. So, it is time to take employee advocacy programs very seriously.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.