Kinemaster is a very powerful fully unlocked tool for video editing. It is developed by NexStreaming Corp. For professionals, Kinemaster Chroma Key offers pro-level editing process on the mobile phone which are capable only on big editing tools on PC. Kinemasteris of 52 MB size. It is available for various platforms like IOS, Android, PC and MAC with useful features.

Kinemaster support many features like multiple layers of text, images, games, stickers. Kinemaster asset store allows you to download free music, overlays, more effects and stickers. Kinemaster includes precise frame by frame trimming with an instant preview for edits. It has brightness, saturation control, audio filter and voice changing features. Kinemaster has a variety of themes with 3D Transition and speed control for video clips. It supports audio formats MP3, M4A, AAC and WAV. The image formats supported are JPEG,PNG, WebP, BMP and GIF( image only). Kinemaster can be shared easily on YouTube,Facebook, Google +.

According to howtowiki, Kinemaster lite is a light version of KM Application. As the original version of application consumes a lot of battery and devices resources. It becomes merely possible to use the application on the device smoothly because of RAM which somehow hampers the performance.In the context of this issue, Kinemaster lite is made which occupies less storage, less RAM and less battery.This is the best and easiest video editing application. The user reviews it 4.5 out of 5. Kinemaster has more than 50,000,000+ downloads. Kinemaster is a membership administration, but every individual can utilize it free in test mod.