Important iPhone Applications

Applications for your iPhone are tools helps you both save your time and help you enjoy at the same time. There are various kinds of applications offered by iPhone starting from chatting to games to downloading songs. The applications for iPhone were first developed by Apple and some selected partners. However, with the release of iPhone SDK or software development kit, third parties are also allowed to develop iPhone software.

Different Types Of iPhone Applications:

AIM applications:

The AIM or the AOL Instant Messenger helps you send and receive messages with 10 million users who use AOL, AIM, ICO, on their mobiles or desktops computers all around the world. One of the main advantages if this application is that the character is not restricted to only 160.

Facebook application:

You will also be able to get the Facebook application in your iPhone. Not only Facebook, you may also get other social networking sites on your iPhone.

Cuztomize application:

Cuztomize helps you to have more control over your iPhone. It allows you to customize your iPhone’s default assets like the background, carrier images,Wi-Fi images, battery image, edge icons, alarm icon, lock icon, ion for loading image,Bluetooth icon, phone keypad image, sound images, chat balloons images, call slider,power slider, highlight mask, weather icons, background for your notepad and so on.

ISplit application:

ISplit application is quite a handy tool for people who needs a quick calculation on the split cost of something like if you and your friends are going to pay individually in a shared dinner. The options of tax and tipping calculations are also included.


You will also be able to get various games under the games applications. You can also download many if you want.

Music and Video:

Other than the games, you will also get to enjoy music and videos and you can also download some.

There are hundreds of other applications to available on your iPhone that makes your life simple.You can even shop through the eBay and Amazon on your iPhone.