We do a lot of activities every single day and many of them help us in maintaining a healthy life style. As we run a lot of errands, we are unable to maintain a record on all of them. Our smartphones are always there to assist and whether you hit the gym or workout by yourself there are apps to provide an insight on whatever you do.

How about you have an app to keep track of all the workout tasks you carry out? Sounds unique, right? Yes, the app Logly gives users an insight on the healthy habits they execute every time thereby contributing to the happiness and well-being of the individual. Logly falls under the Health and Fitness category and makes workout and activity logging simpler and faster. The app helps you to keep a record of the healthy habits that you have been following every day and see which areas need improvement.

To make use of the app, you have to sign in using your Facebook or Google account. Once you open the app, it shows the past dates and as you tap on any date, you will find the different activities. Making use of the ‘+’ button of the app, you can add any log that falls under the categories like, Workouts, Sports, Mind and Body and Others.

Logly shows you a long list of the healthy habits that you ought to do. From cycling, climbing, swimming, etcetera in the workouts section to soccer, football, volleyball, etcetera in the sports section and many other activities. The app has a big list that makes your logging work easier. Under the Mind and Body column, you can find activities like haircut, reading, waxing etcetera. Apart from this, the most unique feature of the app is the add icon(+), that enables you to create any new activity to the different sections. There is also an ‘Others’ column that help you to add anything that does not fit under the above categories.

With Logly, you can also add various attributes to the different workouts you carried out. These include, the number of steps, the pace, distance you covered, the type of exercise and whether the activity was indoor or outdoor,  etcetera. Logly tells you the number of days you worked out in a month by displaying a clear chart along with your activity streak.

Offered by Trendendo, Inc, the app is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is rated 3+ and is best suited for all the grown-ups. The team considers users’ suggestions with high priority and if you have any, you can contact them on laudick.c@gmail.com. If you are aiming at keep yourself fit on tracking the new trends and habits you follow, then Logly is a must-have.

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