There are numerous ways to monetize your writing skills. You can be compensated per article, blog post, or even tweet. Joining a writing community is another excellent way to boost your reputation and get more work.

1. News Network for Bloggers

Blogger News Network is a news and information aggregator on the Internet. It’s a novel way to express oneself.

2. HubPages

Hub Pages

The more you read and write, the more likely it is that you will be paid. Never, ever stop writing. The more you write, the better your results will be, and the more readers will value your work.

3. Wri8


Wri8 is a freelancing platform that connects English writers to complete any writing job, big or small. You can get incredibly complex or basic articles written on any topic you can think of to help you build your content writing portfolio.

The term “content” refers to anything created for review by an internet-based audience. If you enjoy content writing and researching various topics, the job of a content writer is one you should seriously consider. Content writing is a significant article that is distributed on the internet and is not a task for everyone. Assuming you’re good at it, it can turn out to be a very lucrative job.

4. MediaBistro

MediaBistro is an online advertising marketplace that compensates publishers and bloggers based on the number of times their articles are viewed. All you need to do is sign up, upload your content, and list it on the site.

5. MyCred

MyCred is how writers are compensated for their efforts that make writing profitable. We have this strange concept known as “cred.”

What exactly is credibility? It is, in essence, an online reputation. It is a reputation that we can earn and associate with our writing. We are not selling our writing, but rather our reputation. Writers are paid for their work, and if they do a good job, they will be rewarded by a large number of people who want to read what they write.

6. Ezine Article

You’ve worked arduously in your free time to supply this text however didn’t have the time or resources to properly write a piece. currently, you’ll be able to create cash on it! could be a company that will pay you for writing a piece for them. They pay you a flat fee of $20 – $40 per article, betting on its length and therefore the quantity of content in it. You’ll receive payment directly into your account through PayPal (no checking account required).

7. Article Base

You’re writing a commentary. you’ve got to accept it. however, can you create it interesting? What square measure are you attending to say? What square measure are you attending to do with the article? however, can you comprehend the published? there’s heaps of competition out there, therefore everybody desires your attention. you’ve got to be sensible regarding however you gift yourself. Your bio ought to be distinctive and attention-grabbing. And your post ought to have one thing that individuals ought to recognize which they will realize simply.

8. Textbroker

Publishing a blog or a book will not help your career. You must write compelling articles that generate a lot of traffic and reader comments.

This is where Textbroker comes in, as their auto-journalist software allows writers to quickly and easily format articles. They have a large collection of free resources for writers who want more control over the content they publish on the internet. The software is compatible with all major platforms PC, Mac, and Linux, making it easier than ever for writers to publish their content across all major publishing platforms eBook, ePub, Kindle, and iBooks.

9. Article Factory

Articlefactory could be a platform wherever anyone will publish articles. It charges $20 to $50 per article, betting on the length and quality of the article, and asks for a link back to your website. Its mission is to democratize writing, enabling anyone with a plan for a piece to publish it in their diary. They claim that the Article plant is “the way forward for journalism.” Authors are procured their work and receive a median of 6-8 cents per word and any referral fees or tips from readers or Facebook fans. The goal of the platform is to assist writers to create extra money from their writing by permitting them to succeed in multiple audiences with their content rather than only one.

10. Listverse

By simply signing up for the site, submitting your work for review, and earning a small amount per article, you can earn money from your writing. Depending on the length of the article, this can range from $1 to $100.