Received a gift card you don’t want for your birthday? Perhaps you’ve got too many of them taking up space in your wallet or purse? Or maybe you want an easy way to buy a gift card for somebody else but you can’t (or don’t want to) walk to the store to get one?

These are problems we all face when it comes to gift cards! Luckily DapIt, available to download now on iOS and Google Play, solves all of them… and then some.

Its main function is as a virtual gift card wallet. You can easily store & use as many gift cards as you’d like, saving you space in your actual wallet. After all, having 10 gift cards in one app is easier than having to rifle through your bag to find the correct one.

Beyond being just a virtual card wallet, it solves many of the pain points of giving & receiving gift cards as gifts. It’s more than likely you – or somebody you know – has received a gift card for a store you don’t really go to. Seems like a bit of a waste, doesn’t it? DapIt provides a gift card exchange where you can sell your gift cards to other users so you can turn that gift into something you’ll actually use! When buying one as a gift for somebody else, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll easily be able to swap it if you buy the wrong one.

DapIt is also a really beneficial platform for small businesses and even larger restaurant chains. The easier it is for customers to buy & use gift cards, the more likely they are to buy one. It’s a more efficient way to handle gift cards than relying on a customer having to come to the store in-person to buy one – a win-win situation! What’s more, processing fees for merchants are extremely competitive and they can further promote their business on the DapIt social network.

Whether you’re sat on a bunch of unused, unwanted gift cards, you’re looking to purchase one for a friend or you’re a small business owner who wants to benefit from connecting with your customers on a larger scale, download DapIt on iOS and Google Play or visit their website for more information.