Every individual desires to be healthy as we all know that, ‘Health is Wealth’. Good health means lower hospital bills, feeling better, and being enthusiastic all the time. There are so many ways to try and achieve this, from medicine to natural remedies to meditation. For example, some people use CBD to help them deal with their daily stresses and/or aches and pains, constantly keeping an eye out for the latest CBDistillery coupon code to get them the best deal. Also, with the increase in smartphones and applications, there are a lot of apps that aid us in leading a healthy and better life. Most of apps are either exercise/calorie, activity tracking apps or some combination of these. One unique app that lets us focus on eating healthy is this one. If you are someone who is health conscious and is so concerned about the food and recipes you take, then this app is definitely something that you must check in daily. 

Falling under the Health and Fitness category, Nourish DIY is a natural healing app that brings remedies together from multiple sources. A button on the top right hand corner of the app has notifications, search button along with a rate and share option. The app’s notifications section gives the various recipes and herbal preparations for various ailments and infections.

The app has various tabs namely: Natural Healing, Recipe Directory, Herb Directory, etc., The natural healing column tells about the foods to be taken more, foods to be avoided, essential oils, supplements, homeopathic, recipes for every individual ailment like allergies, constipation, heartburn, insomnia, psoriasis, ulcer and the lot. The recipe directory of Nourish DIY includes a lot of recipes like appetizers, breads and breakfasts, gluten-free directory, vegan directory etc.,

The herb directory is a complete repository of the various herbs, their healing properties, methods for growing and using them. All the herbs that fall from Agrimony to Yellow Dock everything is present here in alphabetical order.

The app reminded me of my olden days with my granny where she used to give us medicinal assistance with natural herbs when anyone in our family falls sick. All the information that is present in this app doesn’t ensure to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any ailments. The remedies assist us with healing process within your body in accordance with the pre-existing  traditional methods of treatment. I especially love the recipes and essential oil section of the app.

You can also rate and share the app to everyone of your friends and family because Nourish DIY’s benefits are unlimited. You can share the app via various social media like WhatsApp, messaging, mail and lot more. The team can be contacted through mail and the app info can also be found on their official Facebook page. The app is simply great for general health and a variety of ailments. It is so intuitive and easy to use as well. The app is free for download and is rated for anyone above three years of age.

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