Have you always considered yourself someone who has a fantastic memory? Or maybe you know your memory is terrible and you want to improve it. If either of those describes you, or if you fall somewhere in between, MoneyBall is worth checking out.

The app is a stripped back memory and brain training game with competitive elements. The core gameplay is simple – pay attention as a sequence of symbols appears on screen, remember that sequence and then try to recreate it exactly, all before the time runs out. You may find it a little more challenging than expected because some of the symbols are unfamiliar and hard to mentally ‘name’ and sequences can vary in difficulty to provide challenge to all players. That’s a good thing – challenge is how we grow! 

You can play against the clock or against others in real-time duals or in tournament style games. Every time you win you’ll receive chips. They don’t buy you anything except bragging rights over your fellow players. The more chips you have, the higher you can climb the leader board and the more you can brag! You can add friends on the app and talk to them directly via the in-app messaging feature, which is great for talking strategy and techniques for improving your memory.

The game is incredibly fun – especially the competitive side – and provides a way to keep your mind sharp, even if you only play for a few minutes a day. Keeping your mind active and improving your memory can help you in everyday life, so it’s worth adding an app like this to your daily routine.

Check out MoneyBall today on iOS and Android – get those synapses firing!