Just like any other decision you might take, the decision to make the move to Cloud computing can also be a tough one. There are many things one has to consider before taking the plunge into the Cloud. Although all web hosting companies come up with promises on security, unlimited space, incredible uptime and quality support, there are certain essential things you have to consider before going on the Cloud.

1.    Focus area

Focus area or the area of specialty is different for different people. So, not all web hosting sites can match your requirements. Some hosts offer good shared plans while some offer great solutions for businesses that are growing. It is advisable to carry outextensive research about each company’s area of expertise and relate those to your requirements before you buy.
2.    Specifications

To match your specifications with those of the hosts is the most important part of migrating to cloud computing.  One of the most essential aspects of making the move is to first understand your site’s requirements. If you assume your site will have heavy content then looking for a plan that has limited RAM will not work for you. You should consider RAM, disk space and the processing power. Understand each hosts features, limitations, costs and support before zeroing on one web host.
3.    Security

Security is a major issue when it comes to Cloud computing. It is advisable to make sure that all the rules and regulations governing Cloud computing are being followed. Data integrity and safety of information is an essential factor that helps you decide whether or not to make the jump.
4.    Features

There are umpteen web hosting service providers available but you should know the reason what makes this particular hosting company different from others. Understand whether these hosting companies provide services like, domain privacy, ease in adding extra domains, energy saving solutions and data backup.
5.    Hardware

Understanding the type of machines used by your hosting company is important so that you know what servers they are using.  Only when you make sure that the machines used by them were not erstwhile spare parts put together to resemble a server, can you rest assured of the quality of their service. The quality of hardware is important as it has the potential to affect your site as well as their server.
6.    User interface

Since manyare ignorant of the latest news in computer technology, we should first verify the type of interface the web hosting company is going to use. As far as cloud services are concerned, the interface plays a key role.
7.    Support

The customer support of the host could be a deal maker or a deal breaker. There are times when we look towards technical support representatives from the web hosting company. You have to take a close look at their credibility in offering customer support services. It is also advisable to look at their support system, if they cater to needs every time or do they outsource their support team.
8.    Scalability

With the passing years your business is bound to grow. Keeping this in mind, you have to choose a web hosting service which will fulfill your business’s growing needs. It is better to choose a good host now rather than spend money and valuable time in transferring from one host to another later.
9.    Customer review

Before choosing a web host it is important to check the satisfaction levels of its current and former users.The internet has a wealth of information about each web host that will help you make the right decision.
10.    Price

Although the price of the web host will definitely be an important factor while deciding, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. While it’s important to know the price of all the web hosts available, it is equally important to compare the features alongside the price.
So there you have guys, whether it’s for business or personal use these are the things you have to consider before acquiring a cloud service. I hope you like my post and happy cloud hunting!

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