Although most Apple fans are saying that the iPad has revolutionized the world through its technology and incredible features, the main reason people buy an iPad is for the amazing available games. In this constantly-updated marketplace you have an infinite amount of choices, and as soon as easy games become too trivial, it’s time to test more challenging games as well.

Mushroom War

Mushroom War is a special game originated at first towards the PlayStation Network; now, it is available on the iPad for just $3. Throughout this fabulous game you will need to command diverse mushrooms armies and unite them to fight against your enemies. There are included over 27 different maps and you can set the difficulty level at the beginning of the game; thus, you will get the best control scheme which is suitable for your abilities. If you feel you can handle the most difficult level, you can easily make adjustments in the settings section of the game.

Beat Sneak Bandit

Suitable for those who want to loosen up Beat Sneak Bandit might seem easy, but it’s quite challenging actually. In the game, the Duck Clockface stole all the existing clocks and your character will need to fight and get them back. Throughout the game you’ll come across cameras and traps that make the game extremely challenging. Likewise, the gaudy soundtrack and the overall game play are more than enjoyable, and they will enable you to finish each level faster than you’d ever expect.