It is well known fact that this year digital economy has reached the point when analysts have stopped talking about businesses transition from a desktop to mobile, now people more concentrating on App PR Company.

In today’s mobile revolution over a third of the world’s population owns and uses a smartphone. Moreover on average these people use 9 apps daily. The scope of the mobile app market is illustrated as iOS users have 2.2 million mobile apps to select from and the Google’s Android App Store wholly boasts 2.8 million apps.

It is also noted that total time spent in mobile apps worldwide reached more than 150 billion hours year over year. Even more the US consumers spend 86% of their smartphone time in-app rather than on mobile web.

So due to competitive mobile app landscape in mind, one way of meeting this hard app marketing challenge is to hire mobile marketing agency or good App PR Company that offers app promotion services. Now major question is – what will an App PR Company do specially for your app?

Types of App PR Company that can assist for your app campaign:

  • It could serve your app’s marketing requirements via few specific marketing channels, for instance, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, App Store Optimization, and PR and so on.
  • Some of the mobile advertising agents focusing on media buying. The media buyers could effectively purchase audience targeted with advertising space to aptly convey any effective marketing message.
  • App agencies immensely focus on app store optimization and drive mobile app user acquisition through App Store & Google Play.
  • Most of others immensely focus on mobile campaign strategy, analytics of mobile app user in-app behavior, traffic attribution and more.

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