Cell phones are mainly used for keeping in touch with family and friends. However, nowadays cell phones have become so modern and advanced that it can even be use for many other purposes too. This is more so the case with the new generation iPhones. These phones can even be used for better debt management with the help of the iPhone applications. Thus, the iPhone is growing more in popularity with the growth in the helpful applications.

iPhone applications helping in debt management:

Some of the best iPhone applications that can help you to manage your debts are:

1. MoBank:

It is a free mobile application or rather banking service that’s available on your iPhone which provides you a quick, handy and easy way that can help you to use the mobile internet so that you can check your balance and spending, irrespective of where you are. You can even use the MoBank application to make quick purchases from high street retailers and that too at a cost of only 50 pence each transaction.

2. Mini Mortgage Manager:

The Mini Mortgage Manager isn’t a free application, and it costs 59p from the Appstore but it helps you to get an idea on how much your mortgage repayments is going to be per month, or in a fortnight or even each weekly, based more on the size of your home loan.

3. Paypal:

This is one the most used resources to pay your bills, or even purchase goods online. The iPhone owners too can access the website on their phone.

4. Ask Dave Ramsey:

Dave Ramsey is the most trusted person in the world of personal finance. Now, the iPhone users can also gain an easy access to all the details of Dave Ramsey’s personal financial knowledge with the help of Ask Dave Ramsey iPhone application and review. This application is available for free and allows you to listen to the audio clips, read the summaries of Dave Ramsey’s broadcasts, and hear to his answer to the consumer’s questions.

There are various other iPhone applications like the loan calculator application, pay off debt application, bill tracker, debt tracker pro, iWallet and so on help you in managing and paying off your debts.