If you want to look beyond Google Play Store for browsing and discovering exciting apps, then your choice is AppBrain App Market. Their expansive application provides you yet another remarkable outlet – more so, if you are a tech-savvy person.

AppBrain is an exhaustive search tool with an intelligent social-networking sharing option.  The setting up of AppBrain is simple and almost effortless.

AppBrain App Market offers you an uncomplicated and user-friendly layout. There is a plethora of options in the settings. You may browse the many useful apps and organize them in accordance with your preferences.

There is no denying that AppBrain does an extraordinary job of making apps easier to search, install, share, and manage.

A noteworthy aspect of AppBrain is the social-networking integration. This feature enables you check specific users and know what they are downloading.  But the social platform integration – though a marvelous concept – its execution calls for improvement.

But it needs to be stated that though AppBrain App offers a clean interface, it has a host of features that are not easily discoverable – particularly when compared with Google Play Store.  AppBrain must bestow some attention to rectify the problem goes out of hand.

You can go through the app recommendations, know the hot apps of the day, ascertain the top Android apps and interestingly share your choice apps with friends via Facebook and Twitter. You can find your favorite wallpaper or widget. You can install apps with sync instead of the standard barcode scanner and preserve your list of installed apps as a backup on AppBrain.com

You can easily uninstall apps through a user friendly web interface. Setting your choice wallpaper or sending a link to your phone is straightforward with AppBrain

There is the recommended apps helper to make intelligent recommendations based on what you already use. You also have an array of games that however do not work with the Amazon app store. AppBrain provides a fabulous opportunity to browse the most awesome games available free for your Android device.

You can straightaway dispense with the services of a third-party app manager.  AppBrain offers a simple three-step approach—Search, Install, Update—for Android apps.

All it takes is to click a link to install an app. The wait time is an incredible 2 seconds or even less, from AppBrain.com to your phone displaying the “Starting download” notification.

You can group your installs, uninstalls, and updates – even if you do not have Android 2.2.

Ferret out the best Android apps via search, rankings and categories.   The rapid app search makes it easy to find out the exact app your were looking for

Discover with ease Hot Apps, All-time Popular Apps, Wallpapers, App Recommendations and AppBrain Android Ap. Discover also the best Android apps for your phone with AppBrain personalized app recommendations.

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There is an abundance of apps for your phone. To get started you can simply sign in – it takes just a couple of seconds.

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