Though the world we know today is much more scientific and science has provided us logic for almost everything which makes us believe it more and more, but astrology still plays a significant role in our lives. While the movies are made with sheer hard work and mastered with animation effects, many of the producers prefer to name their movie on the consent of a numerologist. But you don’t need to be a celebrity to see your horoscope; you can find that on many dedicated websites. But then you can’t just blindly believe everyone as you would find hundreds of different horoscopes for the same day and bits of each of them would completely define you. So first you should find something acceptable and then start growing your belief. Well, we have one such astrologer for you right now. Want to ask some questions?


I am talking about the latest Android app called Stylish Horoscope that has been developed by Droid Experiment. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.2 or any later version of the OS.

As the name suggests, it shows your horoscope but in a different style. Not that it changes your boring day into an exciting one, it’s just the way it presents to you your fortune. It shows you the horoscope for seven days in total including yesterday. So if you just want to make sure whether your day went the way it shows, you can cross check anytime. Moreover, you can check your horoscope for the next five days as well with separate horoscopes for each day. This is something better than having a weekly horoscope and you never know which day they are talking about particularly. So if you want to propose your girlfriend, you know which day is perfect for your love life to shine.

You can add more than one person along with their names and signs and see all of their horoscopes simultaneously on the same screen rather than finding their signs each time. The app is available in a number of different languages and that’s a good sign, isn’t it!


Talking about the correctness of the horoscopes, I won’t say that they’re completely perfect but will definitely reveal many secrets before the time comes. One thing that I didn’t like was that these horoscopes reveal only your love secrets most of the time. Love is the talk like there is nothing else left which is considered important in someone’s life.  I think the developers should pay some more attentions towards other topics of interest as well such as career, money, family, etc.

The ability to share your horoscopes on Facebook and Twitter will definitely cheer up many social enthusiasts. So if you want to download this app now, you can do it for free as the app comes with a price tag of nothing. So no need to go to a website and check your horoscope now when you have “Stylish Horoscope” on your phone.

Pros: horoscopes available for 7 days separately; add more than one person and see their horoscopes simultaneously; multi-lingual; free.

Cons: mostly love talks in the horoscope.

I will give this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App