There are certain apps that your Android must have. These must-have apps include gaming apps. No matter your occupation, at some point, you will find yourself with some free time (if you do not then you need to give yourself a break). During this free time, it’s the time that you should take out your mobile device and start playing different games in order to get some fun and potentially some money as well if playing games for profit at platforms such as Novibet the latest online casino in the UK. The following are the top gaming apps that everyone must have on an Android device.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft has been in the gaming business for quite some time and it knows the preferences and interests of gamers. It is for this reason that Gameloft developed a game which appeals to all types of gamers be it the young or the old. Asphalt 8: Airborne is a racing game which allows you to race in different tracks whether in dirt roads or in highways. The game has many features including online multiplayer functions which allows you to play with and compete against your buddies. The game also comes with gamification features that is, you rise from lower levels to higher levels as you play. This is an incredibly entertaining game to have on your mobile device and the beauty of it is that it comes absolutely free!

Critical Ops

For those who love first person shooter games or anyone who hasn’t played a first-person shooter game before, you definitely need to download this free game from Google Play Store. Critical Ops is a game that takes you to a modern city that is full of life. However, as any other modern city has experienced certainly in today’s world, there are some bad and rogue elements looking to cause despondency and damage and these elements are called terrorists. In this game, you will be tasked with finding all these rogue elements and eliminating them so that your city remains safe for all of its inhabitants. If you, however, feel like getting over to the other side, you can also play as the terrorist, doing all the damage and eliminating anyone who wants to stop you from doing your ‘job’. This game comes with a multiplayer function meaning you can play with your friends online.

Clash Royale

Cash Royale is a game of cards. The objective in the game is to build the highest number of decks. This game is playable in two modes. The first one is when you play as a single individual competing against an online opponent. The objective is the same, build as many decks as you can and compare with that of your opponent’s. The more decks you build the more you win trophies. Alternatively, you can play the second mode in which you compete in a clan against another clan. In this second mode, you will have to cooperate and work closely with others in order to achieve success. Also, you win trophies when you build more decks than the other clan.