Thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, you can easily call whomever you want, whenever you want to speak to them. The steadily rising popularity of voice chat opens up the opportunity to see your friends and loved ones while you talk to them, a feature which can be a comfort for those in long-distance relationships. Additionally, you also have your choice of apps, although finding one that includes everything you need can occasionally be tricky. Explore the following four apps that make great use of video and voice calling.

Skype: For Its Reputation

Skype is one of the longest-running apps for video, voice calling, and text. It’s still widely considered one of the best simply because of its versatility. You can use Skype on both Android and iOS devices, plus it works with most other operating systems as well.

Skype also has a desktop application for computers. This application is free to download and more or less free to use. For example, calls and video chats made through Skype won’t cost a dime. Every person involved simply needs to download the app.

Facebook Messenger: For the Fun

You have Facebook, but do you use Facebook Messenger? It’s time to start. Since becoming a separate app, Facebook Messenger has taken off and now incorporates more than simply free texting, voice calls, and video chats. As long as you’re talking to someone else on Facebook, you don’t have to worry about fees when you’re traveling abroad or roaming.

Not only can you make a call at the click of an icon, but you can also play a variety of games through Messenger. Check out Facebook-sponsored games or play something through the gaming app on your phone. You can challenge your friends to pool, Connect Four, or basketball through the app.

Viber: For the Games

Viber is an Android app, but it works on iOS, Windows, and your Blackberry as well. Apple users won’t want to miss out on what the app has to offer. Like similar apps, Viber allows you to video chat or make voice calls, plus you can create group chats and share photos. Viber also has its own selection of games. As long as your friends start their own accounts, you can play games with each other all day.

DIY: For the Tailor-Made Experience 

If all else fails, think about designing your own app that does everything you want. Equip it with video-calling capabilities, ensure that it’s capable of making traditional voice calls, and include the ability to send texts, too. You can use the Agora Quick Start Guide during the development process. With the guide, you can find out how to incorporate games, figure out if you need to create them, or learn whether you can integrate games that are already on your phone.

Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands. Out of all the video-calling apps available, you may not find one that fits your exact needs and specifications. Have you located the perfect video chat app yet, or are you still waiting for perfection?