Teachers are important to the success of all institutions. Teachers need edTech solutions to help them manage precious class time efficiently in today’s competitive environment, with growing working hours and less classroom time.

Students, on the other hand, must do their part in order for teaching to be effective – they must study, complete their homework, and attend class. While everyone understands the importance of the first two responsibilities, attendance is equally crucial to a student’s academic success.

Because attendance has such a big impact on students’ grades, it’s vital for teachers and administrators to pay attention to it.

One of these is an online attendance management system, also known as a digital attendance platform, which is designed to automate everyday attendance in schools. It also aids in the keeping of accurate records and the generation of simplified student attendance reports.

What is the purpose of keeping track of students’ attendance?

The process of keeping a regular log of whether or not students come to school is known as student attendance tracking. Instead of a classroom teacher recording attendance once a day, teachers usually keep track of attendance in each class.

3 Key Benefits of Using an Attendance Management System

User-Friendly: The user interface is straightforward. The storing and recovery of data is quick and safe. Graphic reports are also offered, which make data interpretation simple and straightforward.

Creating a Quick Report: Various reports, such as student-by-student attendance, day-by-day attendance, class-by-class attendance, month-by-month attendance and so on, can be readily generated. Reports are readily available, both current and backdated.

Zero Errors: When attendance is automated, it is feasible to reduce paperwork and eliminate errors.

Why is it vital to keep track of student attendance?

When it comes to outstanding student performance, Jonathan Sandling, head of academic studies at a leading university in the United Kingdom, emphasizes the importance of attendance. “There is a link between student attendance and academic success.” Higher levels of attendance are linked to a student’s ability to effectively complete their educational path and achieve greater marks.”

We’ve given 5 convincing reasons for attendance solutions that deliver amazing value to students, teachers, and administrators alike to assist you to decide whether to make the switch to app-based attendance. The following are some of the benefits of using a student automated attendance management system:

1. Student Safety is Improved

The attendance data collected by the app, biometric, or RFID device is kept in the attendance taker app, which offers role-based access and ensures no data tampering. Multiple levels of protection and robust encryption safeguard the data stored in the ERP, making it impervious to data security breaches and potential threats.

You can also send automated SMS, email, or app notifications to parents or guardians, advising them of their ward’s presence or absence. Notifying parents ensures that all stakeholders are up to date and aware of the student’s location.

2. Data That Is Accurate and Precise

Because our phones have accurate clocks built-in, leveraging them to track attendance can produce incredibly precise and precise data. When a student uses their phone to check-in or out of a class, the software can record the exact time – down to the second – when the action took place. Schools can effectively enforce attendance policies by having access to such detailed time data. Additionally, schools that do not allow rounding will begin to receive more accurate information about when their students are in class.

3. Teaching Process Hassles Have Been Reduced

Attendance automation necessitates little to no effort on the part of the teacher, resulting in a reduction in the teacher’s burden. In the event of biometric or RFID attendance, all students have to do is punch in or flash the RFID card in front of the device. The teacher only needs to take 60 seconds to mark attendance via an app.

There is less paperwork, no manual attendance, and no time wastage, resulting in less stress and allowing the already overworked teacher to focus more on teaching.

4. Improved Usability and Effectiveness

You may be confident that the data is reliable and error-free because the attendance is automated. Once the attendance is recorded, the information is saved in the student attendance management system, where anyone with access can view the information. This function comes in handy when looking for a certain student or examining trends. Everything is simplified and streamlined with the online attendance management system.

5. System with Analytical Capabilities             

Perhaps the most significant idea for implementing an attendance monitoring system is the ability to examine student performance using attendance data.

You can use the attendance statistics dashboard to find out about your institution’s attendance trends, a specific class, a certain subject, or even a specific student.

You can make fast decisions and even assess whether the corrective steps are effective based on the analysis findings. This allows you to keep track of student progress and improve student outcomes.

What is the role of Gegok12 in online attendance management?

Gegok12 is a cutting-edge, well-trusted solution for digitizing and managing the school’s operations in a variety of educational and non-academic aspects of classes in schools. We think that each school has unique demands depending on its area, structure, and other factors, thus we concentrate on developing personalized solutions to meet those needs. Gegok12’s attendance management software collects data on a daily basis and creates monthly and annual reports. The system is simple to use and realistic, ensuring data security and operational efficiency.