Are you short on money for things like going to the movies? How about getting coffee? Well, believe it or not, Dobango looks for people like you who can play any of their games on the iOS platform as well as on Facebook and their website. Location is enabled on your phone in order to get you information from local players. Since you compete head to head in order to win offers, coupons and prizes from Dobango’s partners are available to you as long as you play them. Even if you don’t get the highest score on the game, you always get a coupon, which are nice to redeem on your iPhone or iPod.

Install the application on your iOS device from the iTunes App Store and prepare to choose between the daily offers on games and prizes. These offers do not last forever, so in order to have the best knowledge on the market; you do need to keep yourself updated. If you have a Facebook account, keeping up with Dobango’s offers is much easier with their status updates. Dobango has partners like Chili’s, On the Border, Romano’s Maccaroni Grill and others, which definitely put them on the spot for people who really want to win something great.

You can also get things like gift cards, DVD’s, CD’s so it doesn’t have to be a coupon or an offer, it all depends on what offer gives you the prize you want. The games are easy and random, since you start from slot machines (free plays of course) to scratch cards on other offers. You may not get a coupon every single time you try to play the game because people would take advantage of that. Be sure to get a decent score in the game in order to win the offer’s prize. Now if you really want to make money out of Dobango, try it out first to check out all its features and offers and then show it to your friends.

For every referral that actually tries the website and plays the games, Dobango will give you a $1 Gift Card from Amazon; all you need to do is contact them through email. The offers can be great and all you need to do is play to win. You can take your games anywhere on your iPhone or iPod to show your friends as well and you get an added bonus for referrals. You can invite as many friends as you want and you will still get referral bonuses from Dobango. If you want to see your coupons, click on My Rewards and you will see all the coupons you have won and the expiration date. You can even show the coupons from your mobile device in order to avoid printing and wasting paper.

Their Facebook application is the same as the one on their website and your iPhone, providing the same prizes and coupons for each person. Android users will have to wait a while until Dobango comes out for that platform. Dobango is completely free; you do not need to add any card information or anything other than your name and some minor details. Basically anyone can take advantage of Dobango because their offers can be National or local for certain states. So take advantage of the sweet offers and coupons because playing for them is a fun way to spend money on things that you may actually need. It also gives you the opportunity to share this with others and earn money yourself if you are good at getting people to try out this website.

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