People have their own specific ways of playing video games, and the same thing can be said with Bethesda’s title Fallout 4. And while yours can be different, others also have their own ways of cheesing the game. But if you are completely new to the game or still planning to play it, then you might need some insights or ideas about it.

With that in mind, here are things that you need to know first before playing Fallout 4. The knowledge you will gain here do not necessarily make you a great player, but they are essential in helping you improve your gameplay experience.

1) Some Stats Tend To Be More Special

Basically, your character in the aforementioned game is defined by SPECIAL. The latter comes with base stats, which represent Perception, Charisma, Endurance, Strength, Luck, Agility, and Intelligence. You can choose them right at the start of the game. Unlike its predecessors, there are no separate groups of specific skills for you to spend your points on. What you will do instead is level up in order to select the certain perks that you want. Keep in mind that not all stats are created equal – some of them tend to be more special than others. As such, you want to go with the ones that you think could help you in-game.

2) You Can Improve Your Stats Quickly

Yes, that is right – you always have the ability to improve your stats much quicker. Basically, when you level up, you receive a point that you can spend on your perk chart. A general rule of thumb is to go for the adorable chart. As mentioned earlier, not all perks or stats are created equal. Some of them are needed when it comes to accessing certain parts of the game, while others are more about helping you in terms of survival powers. This should be key information to keep in mind when you tend to look for fallout 4 download.

3) Try to Go For One Workshop

Very early on in the game, you will be given the opportunity to access different workshop areas. By essence, they can be exceptional areas meant to store stuff that you have gathered. However, they do not necessarily allow you to transfer items from one workshop to another unless you decide to physically move them yourself. In this case, it is imperative that you select one location only and decide on fast traveling back when you from one mission to another.

4) Scrapping, Not Selling

First and foremost, this one does not tell you to stop the idea of selling in the game. But if you want to know which one is better than the other, it is none other than scrapping. While it is true that some shops are capable of giving you unique items, it is better to spend some money on purchasing ammunition. But remember, they can really come handy in the game. Also, it is much better for you to always have extra materials for your armor and weapon mods. Do this and you should able to enjoy everything right after you are done with fallout 4 download.