Space Invading games are so interesting and players of all age groups love it. It usually involves a laser cannon with which we have to fire at the descending space ships. Space D-Fense is one such challenging game that tests your abilities to see if you could become the ‘Ultimate Defender’.

Given by Kami Compute, Space D-Fense is an ‘Arcade’ game that is available on the Play Store for free downloads. The concept of the game goes like this: Humanity has colonized Sol and is expanding into Alpha Centauri. Hostile forces otherwise termed as ‘The Invaders’ have destroyed many new colonies. Our main objective is to defend our colony. With the ultimate weapon created by the Sol Space Marine Corps, or SSMC, we must aim to defend our colony and safeguard from extinction.  

Space D-Fense provides you options to restart the game whenever you want and turn on/off the SFX and Music. Everything like the level, the wave that you are in, the score, power-ups, health conditions, tier, rank and weapons are all displayed at the top of the screen. If you feel like you will lose the game and your health level is critical, you can press the eject button and restart the game from the same level. If you fail, the game gets over and you will have to start the game all over. Your smart move decides everything.

Space D-Fense comes with so many levels with varying difficulties that offer more challenge to the gamers. The app has Leader board and Achievement options which help you keep track of your progress. By scoring higher, you can reach the first position on the leader board. Your skill lies in taking down as many invaders as possible. To avoid dying, players can eject out of the game when necessary. The most notable feature of the game is the left-handed option mode and the in-game store upgrades.

When you have any queries or wish to share some feedback, you can write to Space D-Fense on [email protected]. It is completely free for download and the ads displayed are not annoying like we find in other games. The app requires Android 5.0 or later versions and is rated 3+. It comes with in-app purchases for different items.

The success of the player depends on the number of invaders demolished. The higher ranks you get, the more you will be able to score. As you move to the higher tiers by finishing the game, you will be able to get more hitpoints, speed and fire rate. Users can share their score on Twitter or Facebook as well. The game is so entertaining and I am sure it will keep you on hold for hours together.

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