XnView Sketch is a fun app available for android on the new Google play shop. With XnView Sketch you can easily edit your photos and add different effects to them.

This is one of the most easy to use sketch apps that I have ever tried. Download is also quite fast, as it is an only 620 kb file. Once the download is complete, you are ready to have fun. You can select picture from one of your galleries, or take a picture using the camera in your device and start editing it, right away. The app has nine different effects with which you change your picture. These are black and white, neon, pastel, dull pastel, sketch and others. There are three types of sketches you can turn your device into. If you chose the monotone option, the good thing about XnView Sketch is that unlike other similar apps, you can customize the monotones.

You can easily adjust brightness and contrast for each picture, by simply sliding your finger over the bars and choosing your desired setting. Another adjustment you can make to these pictures is that, you can even change the opaqueness and intensity of effects and setting of each effect you are using. Then once you are done and satisfied with the way you want the picture to look, you can save it. Here you get three options again as to whether; you want to save the image as a large, extra large image or normal one.  Lastly, you can even share these pictures with whomever, you want. You can either post them on any social platform you are using such as facebook or twitter. Or you can send it to someone through any messenger be it whatsapp, kik or any other application you have installed on your device.

There are a number of picture editing applications available for the android operating system. Most of these are quite difficult to use or have very boring effects. However, XnView Sketch is unlike them; in both the ways. What is even better is that some of the apps take a while to figure out, I have personally downloaded some such apps and deleted them later, but this app is totally hassle free. One more thing that people using similar apps might have noticed; is the annoying free-ads that keep on popping on the screen. These can be very irritating, if you are using a picture editing or sketching app, as sometimes they cover parts of the picture. With XnView Sketch, you can convert your images into fun sketches without worrying about the ads which come with the free versions.

All in all, it is a fun, easy to use, and totally free app. If you enjoy editing pictures you’ll love this app, because of its user friendly interface and if you are not into editing pictures and all. You might want to give XnView Sketch a try, you are surely going to enjoy this.

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