Tired of having the same cool phone as the rest of the crowd?  Do you wish that you could have something unique within your phone?  Look no further than Sirocco Widget because it includes personalization of your clock and icons on your Android device.  Whether your phone is the best on the market or a cheap smartphone, Sirocco Widget makes them look unique for a minimal price tag.

If you would like to know more about widgets, you should know that they are functional tools used for your phone such as: the clock, quick links to email, messaging, display controls and even phone functions.  There are designs that you can use to decorate those buttons, clocks or other controls and include other functions such as temperature and transparency.  The possibilities are endless once you have this application in your hands.  The best thing of all is that nobody will have the exact same design that you have on your phone.

This application does not require any type of programming skills and it was made for people to show originality on their phones without having to program everything.  All functions are presented as buttons on your screen in which you navigate and pick whatever you like.  The application gives you up to 40 micro widgets to choose from.  If you would like to have a select amount of widgets available at first glance, you need an “awesome” bar.  The awesome bar is just a shortcut to your favorite apps or modification changes and you can use up to twelve buttons to personalize your phone within minutes.  This function allows you to place many apps on your home screen instead of flipping to each side or looking though the list of applications.  A full list of the micro widgets is available on their website, where you can see each of them and the personalization of each of the skins.

You can also edit and download custom skins, which allow you to change the background or the icon graphics to your liking.  The same applies for the types of clocks which are easy to configure and you can have them in LED mode, as regular old-fashioned watches and you can even have them on a chalkboard along with the weather on the same widget.  All you need to do is pick the one you like best and the weather will be displayed either hourly or for the next 5 days.  Registration on their page takes less than a minute and you will have a guide to the best rated widgets, skins, themes and other features that only Sirocco Widgets can bring.

You can also follow the application on Twitter or Facebook so that you can keep up with new updates and opinions about widgets and customizable skins.  The application is rated at 4 stars from the App Market and there are very little reviews on them, so you should definitely try this one out.  This application has many features that are worth some money.  Since not many things can be provided for free, and the developers need to put out updates with new skins and themes, they do have to get paid.  This application is worth $2.37 and it may not be all that great if you didn’t know what features and designs it included.  The designs are worth the price of this application and you should browse for them once you visit their website if you want to know what you will be having if you’re buying the application.  The application is great for first time users, so make sure to download the Sirocco Widget App today!

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