For singers and lyricists, voice recorder is a must have application in their phones. While most of us even don’t know if there is any such app in our phones or not because we rarely use it, they need it more than anything else. That’s because their work is creative and even they don’t know when the right tune hits their mind. So whenever it does, they have to make sure it doesn’t get wasted and have to record it at the same moment. As a lyricist, you might jot down the words in your notepad, but the composition is as important. But there’s a reason that this app is pre-installed in most of the devices. You don’t know when your child speaks his first words and when he does, you don’t want to miss that memory and you know your phone is always with you!


But what I am talking about is the new Android app called Voice Recorder HD which has been developed by EAPPS.PRO. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.

The problem with a pre-installed app is that the recording quality is low and the recordings are often in formats which are not playable on any other device. There are many more lags which have been taken care of in this new app. First, this app allows you to decide the quality of the recorded sound. You can set it to low, medium or high depending upon your requirements. Moreover, this app uses the .wav format which is playable in every device, even the old age Nokia mobile phones!


This app is as apt for a businessman as for a sound engineer. That’s because the quality of the recorded sounds is amazing and it allows external microphones as well to be attached. So you can record more pure sounds and even from longer distances. Apart from the quality, this app is very user friendly as well. It can run in background and I think it’s one of the most important differences from a traditional one. You won’t have to stick to a dead interface (though interface of this app is much more appealing) anymore and it’s perfect if you’re recording a song for your girlfriend reading the vocals from a web page.

There are in-app options to mail the voice memos or share them via Dropbox. I don’t think you’ll find any of these features in any other app and that’s why it’s so special. One more reason for it to be special is that this app is available for free in the Play Store (though there are some in-app purchases).

Overall, I think Voice Recorder HD is an app for everyone. While it can come as a lifesaver to professional musicians, it’s perfectly apt for a college boy who wants to record a song for his girlfriend. So make sure you check out this app in the Play Store now!

Pros: stylish UI for a voice recorder; background recording; file format compatible with all devices; recording with external mic possible; share via Dropbox; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App