Game apps are always loved by people and they are a great source of outlet whenever we need some relaxation. They also serve as a great way of pastime while we are in travel or when we wait in a counter for something. There may be a ton variety of game apps but memory games are something that help us train our brain power and keep it fit. They improve our concentration, memory, accuracy, attention and our thought process speed. These games are one great source to train our brain and test our logical skills.

One such memory matching app that I came across recently is the game app named qlaiq. Developed by qlaiq LLC, the app – qlaiq qMem is available for all Android devices and is rated 12+. The app has granted an early access on Play Store and it’s beta version is expected to be released soon. The concept of the app is that you can see images on cards. All that you have to do is to play by matching the cards with similar images. Your remembering capacity plays a major role here as you have to remember the images that appear as you turn them over. Later, you will be able to match them. A timer of 90 seconds run at the top so that you have to finish with in the time limit. You are given ratings of about 3 stars.

Some unique features of qlaiq make it more special. The app gives you access to all the qlaiq apps under one place so that you can play many different apps by just opening this one single app. This other apps developed by qlaiq are qDownHill, qDivide, qDrive and qPinball. All of these apps are under development with prior access to players. The apps are unique and many other creative features are expected to be added very soon. The apps are so colorful and aesthetic.

One important aspect of qlaiq qMem is that, it allows you to replace the already existing images with the images from your gallery. This feature is so awesome and it works perfectly fine. Once you create your own images, you can name it and make it a special app. Not just this, you can also share it with your buddies through social media. I enjoyed creating my own app and adding all the photos/images that I loved the most.

I wish to see a separate column for the leaderboards and achievements in the upcoming version. More creative qlaiq apps are expected to be released in the near future. Well! Grab a qlaiq app, enjoy playing it, personalize it the way you want and also share it. I bet you would never get bored with it.

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