Virtual activities and gaming with friends are always more fun when you need to pass your time. Luckily, online trivia games offer as much fun as do the real games. Yes, though there may be so many apps on the store, only a few of them guarantee ultimate fun. One such app that I recently downloaded is Trivia Challenge. The app tests your knowledge as you do some really fun brain led activities.

Offered by Karybou Studio, Trivia Challenge belongs to the trivia games category and is the biggest community of online challenge games that comes with 1000s of players every time. It allows users to play against competitors from other countries and test their skills internationally.

As you win each challenge, the app gives you so many power boxes and coins that you can use for further gaming.

Users can sign in using their email id, Facebook or choose to play as a guest. They can then select an avatar and name of their own and start to play. Once the quiz is displayed, all that you must do is to select an answer from the list and it must be done within the specified time limit. The fastest one to pick the correct answer will be the winner. To add more fun element to the gameplay, there are different lifelines. The app comes with four menu items: Settings, Leaderboard, Achievements and Notification.

With more than 2000 questions that are being updated regularly, Trivia Challenge tests your cultural knowledge. Players can find out the names of famous films and football players, find car names and their logos, solve riddles, discover the zoomed images, find the definition of words, finish lyrics, proverb, and quotes, learn about historical and contemporary figures, flags and capitals of countries. It also encompasses general information about animals, science and medicine.

Trivia Challenge is so engrossing and it keeps you playing for hours together. I enjoyed the game thoroughly and it gave me a chance to test my knowledge after a long time. The app is neatly designed and it is so easy to operate. As users join the challenge, they can compete with gamers all over the globe and take a position on the leaderboard. The timer, sounds and the gameplay make it more engrossing. 

The app is compatible with Android 4.4 or later versions and comes with in-app products for a price of $0.99 – $74.99 per item. Trivia Challenge is suitable for everyone in the family including the kids and adults. I would like to see some other added features like live chat and group gaming options so that the game would be more fun. It is a great time killer and helps you learn new things that you have not known before.

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