Do you want to make friends, around the world? Friendship is the biggest gift of god but when you try to make friends from different parts of the world the only problem you face is the language barrier. You often feel if there was a translator who could translate your words in the real time and then you could bridge the gap, in no time. Taptrip has removed the barrier of language and this is one app on play store that can translate your language to the language of the other user and vise-e-versa, when you communicate. Taptrip developed by KiHeiTai Inc is an app that allows you to virtually travel around the world.


With Taptrip, you have two options. Either you can become a travel and travel around places, making the native let you know about their country in a better manner, or you can be a guide and introduce your place to the travelers. The choice is yours but in both the cases, you are going to make a lot of friends, from around the world. Though it is an app on the play store, it has to offer more than just a game, and just fun. The app is filled with features that will keep you attracted towards it.



  • Taptrip is a travel app that lets you make friends from around the world and from some rare countries.
  • You can use the app as a traveler or a guide to other people who want a virtual travelling experience in your country.
  • You can communicate with the people who speak a different language and your text will be converted to their language. The same facility will be available to you.
  • You can ask the people from rate countries to upload some pictures so that you can know the place better. You can also upload pictures for the other people to view.
  • There are millions of users, so you are not going to miss people on the app.
  • The app supports 15 different languages including Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, German, Hindi, French, Malay, Russian and Chinese.
  • You can send and receive message for free.
  • You require a Facebook account to log into the app.
  • The interface of the app is just like a chatting app where you can upload pictures.
  • The version 3.1.0 of the app takes around 1 MB space on your device.
  • You can download the app for free with android 2.2 app.


Summary: Taptrip is a virtual travelling app that can be downloaded by android users for free. The app connects you to the users around the world with whom you can have an amazing travelling experience. This app is known for removing the language barrier as it translates your words.

Good: The app has a high reach which allows people to travel around the world, that too for free.

Bad: The app does not have an option to discontinue the trip before it is actually over.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App