There’s never enough money to go around, is there? It seems like you have to use every waking minute to squeeze out some cash. But, does that make the downtime you spend playing on your phone a waste of precious time and money?

Not necessarily. In this article we take a look at how you can make money on your smartphone. There’s no need to fill out endless surveys or participate in scammy competitions. You won’t be filling your phone with ads and scouting for mind-numbing tasks to do for other people. This is all about earning money and having fun doing it.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is steadily becoming a new force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. People use their mobile phones every day and carry them in their pockets wherever they go. You never know when boredom will strike, so downloading game apps is a handy way to get a dose of fun during your morning commute or while you’re waiting in line.

At least that’s how it used to be. It’s been a great year for apps and mobile gaming has exploded as a way of life, with several gamers are shifting away from their desktop-based gaming environment to a portable mobile-based one. You can bet that only a very short time passed before somebody stopped mid-game to ask: is there a way I could make money doing this?

Making money on your mobile

The holy grail of gamers. Turning play time into paid time. On desktop gaming this is very much possible since players have had plenty of time to devise methods to earn a buck or two out of their games.

Whether this translates well to mobile gaming remains to be seen, but already the results show that it can work. The concept revolves around selling a gaming account after you’ve clocked in many hours finishing most of the game or building up powerful characters. When you think you’ve reached a very high level of progress in the game, you can simply find somebody who’s willing to take over. People are known to pay incredible sums for MMORPG accounts that would give them a headstart over everybody else and many long-time gamers also avidly pay real money to obtain rare in-game items from other players lucky enough to have them.

Mobile gambling

There are more direct methods to make money on your smartphone. Online mobile gambling is a very straightforward way that can lead to immediate and tangible results in your bank account. There are many online poker rooms or casino sites that are optimised for mobile screens; many of the biggest betting companies also offer their own apps for a more seamless gaming experience on your mobile.

Of course, to earn money from your mobile gambling exploits you need the perseverance to build the skills needed to have a decent hourly win rate. It may not be easy at first, but many sites let you play for free to allow you to get the hang of the game, learn the rules and test whether you’re up to it. The results can be quite positive and a number of gamers are now making a living exclusively from their winnings at online poker tables.

A new lifestyle

The advantages to earning an income from online mobile gaming are immense. You are not bound to one place — with mobile you can play on the go, although of course you need to have a decent internet connection first, so you might have to think twice before heading off to a safari or a mountain trip. There are no fixed times when you have to earn your income. Players populate online poker rooms all the time, day or night, so whenever you log in you’re sure to find a table to deal in to.

But the best thing about making money from online gambling is that there’s no limit on how much money you can make. It all depends on how many games you play and your success rate. Or simply luck. Millions have been won from slots jackpots while playing on smartphones. The newest phones on the market are so powerful that you can easily multitask between different gambling apps and some of the poker apps allow you to play at multiple tables at once and easily switch from one to the other. The potential income you could make from mobile gambling is limitless!

All work, all play

So how does that sound? You might be literally sitting on a goldmine right now, or at the very least be carrying one in your front pocket. No more excuses about there not being enough money in your pocket, your phone is all you need. Hit ‘unlock’ and check out which way you’ll use it to get the money flowing. The opportunities nowadays are more abundant than ever thanks to online gaming and finding a work-play balance will never be a problem again when playing is your work.