Bored with traditional puzzles? Want something new to add to your daily schedule that makes you to change your brain settings a little? When it comes to common sense, there is nothing easy and difficult. It’s just a trick of mind needed to solve the quest. You might look for the solution for a whole day and still end up on the losing side. It requires smart work rather than hard work. There are no pre explained formulas or theories that might help you. The best thing is that you don’t need any qualification to solve it but just some common sense that is God gifted to you and it’s always fun to do such tasks.

Tapadoo is the latest addition to the android play store. The app has been developed by Nevosoft, who also have many other popular adventure games like Mysteryville, Magic Academy to their name. The app is free and consists of hundreds of puzzles, with each one of them being unique and requires you to approach to the solution from a different way. Each puzzle consists of a story build up around some doodle characters. It’s like a moving picture and you have to find out the correct connection between them. You will get points with each level being completed and they add up to your total. New levels can be unlocked only after you have completed all the previous ones.

The app delivers what it promises. There are no straight solutions to puzzles and you will have to follow the basics. How can you afford to give water to your new baby plant with the help of a cigar? It sounds weird but that’s what the app is full of, crazy surprises. You just need to find the correct logic. However, sometimes the solution seems to be a forced one without any proper logical reasoning to be found.

The app is a little heavy on your device requiring storage memory of about 17 MB on your card. That’s why it is a little bit slow and takes some time to get loaded at each new level. However, it runs smooth in between and the animations work perfect. The graphics were very good and different, much like they were paper cuttings from newspapers and magazines. There are no hidden clues or descriptions about the story build up and sometimes, you might get it difficult to crack the code. So, solutions should have also been provided as you cannot proceed further without completing the previous levels.

Overall, the app is very interesting and you will love the uniqueness it brings at each new level. The original concept at each stage was what we liked the most. But once you have started, you cannot give up before completing the whole stage, with the first one comprising of about 25 levels. And if you do, you will have to restart from the beginning, which was a little bit annoying. We will give it 4 out of 5 stars for its content and performance.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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