Long distance trips are usually boring especially when you are travelling with a bunch of children, who get irritated when they are bored and situation becomes worse for you. You just want a simple entertainment source that can settle your children up, at least for the travel period. The only reason for boredom is solace and loneliness. Then, what’s better than to have an accompanying mate with you on the ride. That’s exactly what you get, when you install Funny Road Trip on your IOS device; 4 funny passengers that know how to bridge up the time gap with sheer fun and entertainment.

The name says it all and as soon as you have installed the game, you have just introduced yourself 4 new friends. But the biggest fear of parents is that they don’t want their children to just concentrate on the phone screens isolated from the rest of the world. But don’t worry for the same in this case. These hitchhikers will talk to your children and give them some tasks to be accomplished. The tasks will be related to the surroundings to help your children interact more with what’s happening around them. It might be to count the total no. of black cars in next 30 seconds or to count the no. of trees, etc. There are 50 such tasks that each hitchhiker can assign and therefore, a total of 400 tasks which are sufficient enough to keep your children engaged for hours.

The animations are just awesome. Each hitchhiker bears a distinct style of speech with the dubbing done by a native person of that language. It would have been an average show if sufficient research would have not been done on the characterization and it simply pays off. The characters seem to be real and funny just in the way they talk and it was quite necessary, as the prime motive of the game is just time pass. There are no high scores involved and we understand the reason. There are 3 different languages available for the hitchhikers. So, it also allows your children to learn something new while playing. To get assigned a task, simply shake the mobile device and there you have it.

Also, the game can be joined by as many no. of persons as you want. So, there is just no limit on how much you all can enjoy it together. Many of you must have tried Talking Tom, and it’s just the same agenda that defines this app. You just don’t have to keep staring at the screen, in fact you just have to listen to them and you will be time travelling the distance of hours in a few minutes.

The game requires IOS 3.2 or later version. It is compatible with I phone, I pad and I touch and is available on I store for just $1.99, which is really just an amazing price for this complete package. I would recommend it to all of you, whether adult or children. You must check it out. It is a complete time pass arrangement made for you by Sugar and Ketchup, the developers of the app.

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