Diamonds are loved by all and it is considered to be one of the priciest possessions in the world of gaming. The diamond based games are always good to play as they provide a feeling of possessing something that is highly priced and when the game is played against an opponent, then the game provides more pleasure. Such is the game of Diamonds Paradise which is developed by Star Arcade Oy and this game can be downloaded from iTunes for free. The game display looks like a beehive but instead of finding honey in those hives, you are going to find precious gems and you will have to make a chain of diamonds to win the game.


The game, diamond paradise, is a game designed for one and all, but the game requires internet connection as you are going to play against live opponents. It is a turn based game where you require making a chain of diamonds. At the same time you can match one-on-one with your friends. There is a chat room for the players where they can talk and share their achievements. There are tournaments to participate in and you can win prizes when you win those tournaments. There would be helps in the game and you can also purchase some add-ins to turn the game in your favor.



  • Diamond paradise is a game on itunes where the base is diamonds.
  • This is a turn based game where you are going to play against live opponents.
  • You require making chains and the more chain you make, the more points you win.
  • The game has several achievements in its different stages.
  • You can also participate in tournaments and play against other people.
  • There is a chat room in this game where you can share your opinions and make friends.
  • The online puzzle can be exciting and fun to play.
  • Battling players around the world is possible.
  • The players can understand the game play quite easily and it is completely a touch based one.
  • There will be mystery boxes where you can win surprise gifts.
  • Bombs and other items will help you win the game.
  • Your target in the game would be to be the king.
  • The game is available both for iphone and ipads and the display is quite good.
  • You require iOS 5.0 or later to play the game and it is optimized for iPhone 5.
  • The version 2.0 of the game requires 39.8 MB space on your device.
  • There are in-app purchases of diamonds and coins for added benefit.

Summary: Diamond paradise is a puzzle game on iTunes. It is a turn based live game where you require making more chains of diamonds to beat your opponent.

Good: The game is interesting and live and available for free.

Bad: You may require paying something in order to get into a better position compared to your opponents. Purchasing add-ins can be costly at times.

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