Being connected with friends and family is now easy with social networking being available on the Smartphone but if you want to meet them is person and know where they are, it is important to choose an app that shows their location and let you know what’s happening around you. Alphega, the android app does that for you. This is an app with a 3D view that shows you the nearby updates from social networking websites. You can either find your friends or you can make new friends with the use of this app. This app keeps you updated about your surrounding and that is what makes it so special.


Alphega, brought to you by Nubis Technology, is an app that is compatible to most of the android devices and it keeps track of the all the important social networking platform to provide you the right updates. Check profiles, note locations of the users, communicate with them in the real time with the use of the app. This free app comes with numerous features which shall make you interested to download.alp1


  • Alphega connects to all social networking sites that you are registered into such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more and gives you information that is relevant to you.
  • The 3D view of the app is cool enough to keep you engaged. The 3D part of the app makes it absolutely different from other social networking related apps.
  • The GeoSocial services are incorporated in the app which will track the location and give you specific information without delay.
  • You will see where your friends are and can also view their updates.
  • It is possible to control the privacy setting of the app. You can make things visible only to you or to your friends.
  • It is easy to check updates and there is no complexity in the whole process.
  • The app provides you opportunity to interact over a number of networks and inviting friends and communicating with them is possible through it.
  • You can disable any network on temporary basis.
  • The avatar of the user profile will be visible on the map. You can just click on it to check the profile of the user.
  • The app not only supports images and data but it also supports videos.
  • The app is compatible to android devices with android 2.3 or later.
  • The app is currently available for free in the play store.
  • The version 0.3.2 of the app takes around 4.7 Mb space on your device.


Summary: Alphega is the connecting point of all social networks and shows you the update around the social networks in the real time. The 3D view of the app is quite amazing and you can connect to anyone through the app.

Good: The 3D view is the most interesting part of the app which is really cool.

Bad: The app sometimes stops without any reason. There may be a technical difficulty that the company has to resolve.

Worth Having Application :  Download the app