If you are a fan of gaming, which most of us are, and are looking for a good slots game, you should try Slot in Slots HD by Ganymede Entertainment Limited. Slot in Slots offers a great gaming experience, which is enhanced by the superior video quality and graphics. A lot of attention is paid to the theme and characters, which is sure to make playing slots a lot more fun. The HD experience adds to the thrill of the game and makes it an enjoyable experience. Inviting your friends over a game of Slot in Slots in real time will sure be a fun affair. This app is compatible with all android phones and tablets and requires android 2.2 and up.



Slot in Slots HD goes beyond a game and succeeds in giving the users a gaming experience. Care has been taken in designing the layout and themes that make you feel at Vegas when you are playing out of your house. Some of the features that contribute to this enjoyable game include

  • The HD quality that enhances the visual experience and adds to the excitement of the game.
  • Unique social features, first of its kind in slots game that make gaming with your friends a rewarding experience.
  • Free coins every four hours is sure to boost your enthusiasm.
  • Exciting bonus games for the lucky and persistent players.
  • Stunning power-ups, spectacular machine themes and multiple modes make the game all the more addictive. Some of the exciting and fun Slot in themes are

–          Seaside

–          War Machines

–          Charmed Woods

–          Space Cadet

  • Exclusive social win-win bonus system that includes attractive gifts and cashbacks.
  • Winning possibilities with game on up to 30 paylines that gives you enough room to explore.
  • There are Wild and Scatter symbol on every machine, free spins and amazing payouts.
  • Plenty of mini games for a quick play.
  • The immense and spectacular graphics are a great addition to the game and is a treat for the users.

The extensive graphics combined with HD quality is one of the main aspects that set this game apart from the others. Also, with exclusive features that you don’t get to see on other slot games, Slot in Slots HD is definitely promising. Taking note of the trend of social gaming as well, this app features some unique and attractive options for the social gamers and strikes a chord with every user with the attractive and funky themes and characters.



If you are looking at a game that you would want to play for hours together and still go back to, Slot in Slots HD is a fantastic option. The game keeps you hooked with its spunky and cool themes. There are plenty of options and possibilities for you to explore and one is sure to be addicted to this Slots machine. The HD quality does justice to the layout and makes the game visually pleasing as well. For a free install, this is one app you would not regret trying.

Good: Superior graphics and HD quality, addictive modes & options.

Bad: The extensive graphics make it slow on some devices.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App