Gone are those days when people wanted to dress up differently for Halloween. Welcome Halloween Apps! ScareCauldron is one of the Android apps that can light up your Halloween party. It just requires Android 2.3.3 and above and is created by the creators at Bit Cauldron which can be easily downloaded from Play Store App. This app helps you create a horror filled ambience which is just right for your Halloween party.

The original concept of ScareCauldron is a sound mixer that has been integrated with the touch panel that allows the user to stir these sounds into the cauldron for a novel sound mixing effect. For a realistic effect stir each sound on the rim of the cauldron for that jarring sound effect that makes it equally fearsome.

Functional Highlights

  • Five distinct ghostly sounds that truly terrifies and scares you out of your wits
  • A highly functional audio system whose use is maximized when connected to a stereo or your phone’s dock
  • When you have your headphones plugged into your ears and stir the cauldron simultaneously, the audio engine of this app pulls the sound from left to right and right to left as per the direction of your stirring action
  • Continuous play of background music or sounds for hours together
  • Two special modes namely mix mode and haunt mode. In mix mode, the user can select any of the five scary sounds and put it in the cauldron to emanate a mixed mode horror sound. In haunt mode, there is a haunt-o-meter in which you can decide the amount of scary sounds to be played
  • Easy to use graphics especially when you add each scary sound numerous times into the cauldron for mixing mode


The app interface is highly advanced and has a smooth working with its touch panel. It is very simple and its audio effect is its highlight. We need to either connect it to headphones or to a stereo speaker system for a maximum effect of hearing the sounds revolving in our heads. The haunt-o-meter is an innovative idea.


The whole app itself consists of just a single screen and around four to five options. Additional options / additional scary sounds in the app can be bought via in-app provision once you install this app for additional prices. The number of options seems very limited. The free version does not really scare you much.


This Halloween when it is full of Jack-o-lantern, carved pumpkin lights, cute witches and magicians, make sure to take ScareCauldron app on your phone along with you while you are trick or treating. It is the perfect app to give your house an eerie and haunted look with all its lights turned off. You may either be planning a Halloween shock for one of your friends or you may want others to believe that you truly look your Halloween part; whatever the reason, Scare Cauldron is the perfect app for you. So scare yourself by getting into the cauldron of Scare Cauldron and getting lost in it.

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