We all love travelling and there is a local travel advisor inside all of us. Whenever someone talks about our city or some other place we are familiar with we automatically tend to connect ourselves and give them some travel advice. We give those suggestions on how and where to travel; it’s economical and fun elements and share all that we know. How about we had one such buddy to guide us through and accompany us wherever we travel? Sounds interesting, right?

Yes, published by the company OutIst, there is an app that goes by the same name. The concept is to help you meet new people, locals, travellers and expats nearby. It falls under the social/social networking category on the Play Store/App Store and is completely free for download. Outist aims in creating a community so that every user who travels can connect with other locals/travellers and socialize with them.

Just enter some personal information of yours like your name, email and password to begin with the exploring. By creating your profile, you must add your photo, mention your gender and DOB and give your interests, hobbies; foods you prefer etc. Using this, Outist fetches all those who have similar interest as yours and helps them get in contact with you via the app. When connecting like-minded people, things get a lot easier.

Outist helps you form other social activities of your own. You can join meetups created by other people just by swiping right to accept or if you are not interested just swipe to the left. You can create a meet-up by forming groups of three. Users can make a team with people who prefer to eat the same food as you or make a fitness/dance event inviting people with similar tastes/interests. It assists you in meeting travellers and knowing more about their place and culture.

Outist will also serve as a great event finder. The app will assist you when you need to discover local events with a public invitation. You can leave references for other people to hang out so that their meetup becomes safe. You can discover events or meetups tonight with people who have the similar requirements like yours. You can locate communities near you and know their needs.

With Outist, you can form a birthday party, be in track of the attendees of the events, get notified of the nearby/interesting events, invite friends to join you and do much more. You can also visit famous restaurants, shows or other social events that the app brings to your feed. By always being in the know of the upcoming events, you can explore everything that life has to offer with an awesome companion. The advantages of Outist are many and its unique concept has made it stand out from other apps of the social and travel category.

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