Mobile Phones have become an inseparable part of our life, they are not simple calling devices anymore. The introduction of Smartphones and hundreds of daily new apps to support it has drastically increased the uses of a mobile phone. What used to be simple calling gadgets are now used for taking pictures, connecting to the internet, playing games, making payments and almost everything you can think of. However, privacy is becoming a concern for smartphone users. Although mobile phones are considered as a personal device, they are often used by our friends and family for making calls, checking emails, playing games and various other activities. It can be difficult to control those prying eyes, however, Privacy Wizard will help you control what they can see. Privacy Wizard is the best app for protecting your phone. It can protect your apps, emails, pictures and almost everything on your phone.


Privacy Wizard is an extremely easy to use free app for Android users. Upon installing, Privacy Wizard asks you to set a master password, you can either choose a four digit numeric password or a pattern. Please choose carefully and choose something you can remember easily, you’ll need to enter the password or pattern for unlocking apps or anything you’ve decided to lock with Privacy Wizard. After setting a password, you can choose the apps and features you wish to lock. You can lock almost everything with Privacy Wizard including your contact list, text messages, and many more. After you’ve selected the apps and features you wish to lock, you can move to the next phase, selecting a cover or mask for your locked apps. There are four unique covers you can choose from.


Fingerprint Touch ID cover: This cover transforms your phone into a next generation gadget, asking for fingerprint verification from anyone trying to open the locked apps or features. However, quickly tapping the screen three times will you to the enter password screen, where you can enter your master password and open the app.

Unknown Caller cover: Your phone will receive a fake incoming call from an “Unknown Caller” every time someone tries to open a locked app. Drag the “Text” icon to the “Blue Phone” icon to reach the password screen.

Error Message cover: Whenever someone tries to open a locked app, an “Application has stopped” message will pop up, stopping intruders from going any further. However, you can quickly swipe the bottom of the error message to reach the password screen.


Voice Authentication cover: This cover asks for voice authentication whenever someone tries to open a locked app or feature. Swiping up on the screen takes you to the password screen.

You can choose a different cover for each app. Also, you can choose the “No Cover” option if you want, in that case the password screen will pop up directly every time someone tries to open a locked app or feature. Privacy Wizard also allows users to setup an “Uninstall Lock” which prevents intruders from uninstalling the app. Locking apps have never been so fun and easy.

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