Life is boring without fun and entertainment and there are several ways you can lift up your mood and enlighten the day of others and bring smile on the faces. One such way is to create doodles and share it will friends and family and share a bit of laughter. Now you can create your own doodles on your android tablet with the help of a new app on play store. The app name is Doodle up and it is exclusively available on android tablets with android 4.0 or later.


Doodle up, presented by Slackers Apps, is an app for android tablets and it allows the user to create animated doodles. You can not only create doodles but you can also edit and share them with your friends. You can save the doodles in your personal collection and share with people to share a bit of fun. It is easy to use the app with a number of comprehensive tools and once you save your doodle you can see it in the library. Apart from creating doodles, you can tag them before sharing and make them bring out a message. The app is funny, creative and full of features that make it special. The features of the app are mentioned below.



  • Doodle up is a fun app in the play store which allows you to create wonderful doodles, share it with friends and edit them too.
  • You can create animated doodles and make them look funny.
  • You can take any picture from the photo gallery of your device and doodle it up.
  • You can put animated or general funny pictures from the tools menu and add them on the picture you have chosen.
  • You can rotate, increase or decrease the size of the doodle and can place them anywhere in the picture.
  • The app consists of drawing tool which makes it complete.
  • There are hundreds of animations and stamps and there is no restriction to how many you can use on one picture.
  • Once you create a doodle and save it, you can view it in the list of doodles.
  • You can see the doodles created by other people too. You can select as per popularity or time of the upload.
  • You can also use photos from the internet in the process.
  • Shape and colors can be added to the images.
  • The best part of the app is it is available for free.
  • The app requires android 4.0 or later.
  • The version 1.11 of the app takes around 48 MB space on your device.

Summary:Doodle up is a free app for android tablets which is fun to work with. you can make doodles that look beautiful and use animations to make them interesting. The app has several tools to help you be as creative as you want to be.

Good:The app has numerous tools and hundreds of animations and stickers and everything comes for free.

Bad:The problems with the previous versions are corrected and there is nothing bad reported.

Worth Having Application –   Download the App