Facebook is very common even among kids; this social network has become a part of our lives which helps to keep us updated of all the events and important moments or even a day-to-day update of our friends. There are hundreds and hundreds of apps which are being introduced in it every day, but the success and the widespread usage will depend on the ease with which the user will be able to use the app. Movizzy is a very cool Facebook app which helps to make movies in no time, it is so simple that if you try it once then you will be hooked to it.

Just imagine the time which we spend in the movie makers, installing the software and bunch of other things for just getting started.  We can easily forget about the painful process for making movies, in movizzy you just log on to Facebook and click on the app it will request your permission to access your basic info, photos and videos and to select the members who can view the posts from this app. It’s that simple to start, just three clicks. There are two different modes in which you can use the app, simple and advanced editor.


Simple Mode:

In this mode there are three ready-made options available they are a choose album tab and two drop-down menus to select the song and the theme.  So all you have to do for an excellent movie is just choose your favorite album, the song which you want to play in the movie background and theme for the movie and preview the movie in just seconds.

Using the songs and theme options:

Songs: There is a preloaded list of songs in various genres such as rock, jazz, hip-hop, pop, classical and other option. If you want your favorite song from the list in your pcno worries there is an option for that too, just click on the button of upload from your computer and your favorite song, the song is uploaded in just minutes.
Themes: There are two readymade themes available, slideshow and the zoomer option. This helps in deciding the style in which your pictures appear in the movie.

Advanced Editor:

Do you want your videos to be tailored more to match your imagination, it can be done too. Movizzy provides the options to select the photos and also to add the text which will be displayed in the picture while your movie plays on.


  • There is absolutely no pain in installing the app to get started.
  • No special skills/ prior knowledge is required in using this app to create your movie, it’s just simple.
  • Preloaded lists of songs and themes, which helps in minimizing the time required to search.
  • The minimal effort involved in uploading the song and of course we have to mention the speed with which it’s uploaded.
  • The users can easily post the movies on their wall, with just a click.

The music and photos are brought together and made into a beautiful movie within minutes that is what Movizzy is all about. So all you need is to click to get the app in Facebook and impress your friends with your movies.

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