This bedtime digital clock is primarily for those who wake up at night and check “what time is it?”You can start an application for bedtime; listen to sleep sounds and deep sleep. After qualitatively figuring out the basics, I’m hooked on this popular app.

Important Aspects of Bedtime Digital Clock Upgrade

  • Use this night clock to sleep and listen to the bird’s voice as sleep music.
  • This digital clock app never bothers you with notifications.
  • This app is not wholly intended for use as a lock screen.
  • This is not an alarm clock app but a night timepiece.
  • This app uses the system alarm app for the alarm clock.
  • With this lovely and dependable night clock app, you can enjoy a perfect balance of beauty and small functionality.

Important Features of Bedtime Digital Clock Upgrade

  • This simple night clock is ideal for keeping beside the bed.
  • Bird’s sleep sound, Birds voice automatically stops after 5 minutes.
  • When you open your eyes in bed, start the birds’ sounds manually.
  • The developer’s team will change and upgrade the sleep soundly regularly.
  • Change the colour of the screen and text, as well as the size of the screen.
  • Disable the lock screen.
  • When connected to power, AutoStart will activate.
  • There are numerous options for customizing your design.
  • Stylish timepiece – colour, brightness, etc.
  • When leaving your bed at night, use a flashlight.
  • A desk clock can be used.

Bedtime Digital Clock transforms your Android device into a night clock that plays your favourite music and a bedside clock with a beautiful digital clock view.

When the phone is charging, Digital Clock can be set to launch the app automatically. It is best compatible with all devices, including tablets. Because the screen and CPU are constantly on when using this Night clock throughout the night, it is good to keep the device charged.

Final Thoughts

While browsing, I came across this quality Bedtime Digital Clock Upgrade app on the Play Store last week and had to download it and try it myself. This gem app does not disappoint.