How many times have you found yourself in a riddle where you don’t know what to do? It’s an important decision and can turn many tables in the wrong direction if it goes wrong. But do you know that you’re not alone? At least you’re not the first person to have found such a perplexing situation at hand. If you may look up the timeline of mankind, you’ll find numerous such examples of people who faced such tense situations with courage and took decisions which are still counted as the wisest choice one could have made. So before you proceed with your decision, it’d be better if you take a look at these stories and then decide if your decision measures up to the same scale or not.

I’m talking about the latest Android app called Insight that has been developed by Gabriele Cavaliere. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.


Insight is a collection of such instances circling around the Greek legends, stories of Bible, Buddhist anecdotes and many more. Each of such stories is actually a book in itself which guides you to the right decision in a particular situation. But to make things simpler and easy to read and understand from the readers’ perspective, the developers have curtailed these stories, textually but not morally, and given back the same message in a short readable duration of 2-5 minutes.


The stories are divided according to the subject matter i.e. Greek mythologies, Bible stories, Norse Mythology and Buddhist stories. Additionally, you can search according to the area to which your concern belongs regarding the decision-making i.e. family, work, social circles, education, romance and beliefs. While the second choice of distribution would be more preferred if you’re looking for a quick solution, the first choice makes more sense in terms of reading experience. If you’re just curious about all those interesting encounters, you don’t need a concern to read the stories. For example, say if you want to read a story every day just for amusement and adding chunks of knowledge to your collection, then there’s even a third option of using the Random Story Generator. Just tap it and it’ll pick out a random story from the pack of 350+ stories in totality. A good impression on your friends is another value added service!


The in-app reader is very user-friendly with the right choice of font and font size. The stories are interesting, intriguing and surprising most of the times with a loud and clear message that washes away all your doubts and guides you to the right path. As I’ve already said, you don’t need a reason to read these stories as they’re stories of wisdom that every person should read and enjoy.

Overall, Insight is a not just a story-teller but a book of wisdom that’d always make its worth count.

The app is available for Rs.127.86 in the App Store.

Pros: user-friendly UI; interesting stories; various topics covered; 350+ stories; random story generator.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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