Facebook is all over the place, it has already become a household name with the people of all ages having accounts in Facebook, from small kids to our grand ma’s and grand pa’s. Facebook being the largest and the most popular social networking site with millions and millions of users has opened up a window for marketing through Facebook; this has been a blessing for many of the large companies and especially for many small scale business people.

Since online shopping has become a huge success, many marketing researchers are exploring this area to open up the untouched territories to attract customers through all the possible opportunities which is available. So marketing through Facebook is definitely the best cost effective opportunity which can be utilized effectively to attract the potential customers. ‘Early birds’ always make the most of any opportunity that has been presented; Dealer Kinect is one such app in the Facebook which has introduced buying and selling the cars directly in Facebook. This amazing app helps you to find the desired car of your choice, in the area which is closest to you; all of which can be done during your Facebook time which is makes this app really cool.

Dealer Kinect allows you to shop for cars in your local market; it avoids the hassle of going through 100 of sites to find you’re the car which satisfies all your needs. When you make a satisfying purchase from this app, you can also share the news with the friends in your list with just a click. Dealer Kinect is like a search engine which helps you in buying cars, where you refine your results by choosing the options from the drop down list which includes:

Make/ Model/ Price Min/ Price Max/ Mileage min/ Mileage max/ Zip code/ Year start/ Year end

When you select all the above options, then you will get a list of cars matching your requirements. This search engine includes all the options in the search criteria which help in narrowing the results when we search for buying cars. Dealer Kinect being a Facebook app, you can interact with car dealers, individual sellers and buyers, all at the same place. If you want to create a post to provide the details on what you look forward in your car, it can be very well done here. Here any one can create post for selling their cars or if they are interested in buying a car by specifying all the details like the car model/year of manufacture/ color/ mileage/ price range and various others. Creating individual posts helps in highlighting a particular buyer/seller who is interested in more fine details and it attracts more people since this will appear as news feed in all the members’ wall, which helps in getting immediate attention.

When you are interested in buying/selling cars then Dealer Kinect is a very useful app. The search feature is optimized in such a way that you get the car which suits your needs with its features highlighted right at the top. You can also get information about any other good deals on the web page and of course the updates of any kind in your wall. So start using this app to experience the wonderful results it offers.

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