A virtual private network or VPN as we all know is an encrypted connection over the internet. It helps you to be sure that all the data that is sensitive is safely transferred. It blocks unauthorized people thereby ensuring security and privacy while you surf the web. When you make use of the best Vpn, you can secure your web traffic from spies, snoopers or from anyone who wants to monetize your data. 

If you are someone who is looking for some free unlimited Vpn Proxy, then this Nitro Vpn is highly recommended. It is a high performing, simply fast and secure VPN for Android. Given by Malcolm Harkins, the app belongs to the ‘Tools’ category in the Play Store. It has unlimited bandwidth with more than 30 high-speed servers. It doesn’t ask for any sign in or sign up to make use of the app. All that you must do is just install it, then open the app and click the connect button. 

The app’s theme is a beautiful and dark and it comes with an in-app browser that is pre-installed. It allows users to select the servers that are best performing from different countries like Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, UK etc. When you start using a Vpn, you can view the amount of bandwidth that is being used, downloaded and uploaded data and also check your internet connectivity. 

Nitro Vpn was designed with a clean and neat user interface. The different menu icons in this allow users to access the app with ease. With the speed test icon available, users can check the speed of the upload and download Mbps. With the share icon on the app, users will be able to share the info about the app with their kith and kin through social media, mail or text messages. Using the ‘Send Feedback’ option, people can also send their feedback through email. 

Updated on November 30, 2020, Nitro Vpn requires Android 4.4 or later versions. In case you have any queries or wish to share some feedback with the team, you can contact them on larrylewis5640@gmail.com. The in-app purchase, the premium version of the app allows you to get access to all the blocked content on the internet at an unlimited bandwidth. Users will not receive any ads and they can make use of a fast and secure browser. The first month of the premium subscription comes with a discount of 40%.

Get the app today and enjoy unlimited access to Vpn for free.