When I was emotionally disturbed I was hunting for some constructive apps in the play store finally found a qualitative mobile app which has been released as Droid machine 2 by the developers Pr1sk8. This app is quite engaging to ease out my stress levels and i play Droid machine 2 whenever i find time for relaxation.

I’m a tremendous enthusiast of this sort of kind, and Droid Machine 2 game application falls directly into that best class. It’s been energizing, fun so viable and I can’t quit utilizing it for all reasons. So I suggest it for any individual who altogether appreciates subjective game application.

Curiously your key mission is to construct a machine with physic substances to impact yellow components. In the form region, you can work with square shapes and circles components. You interface them with bars, 4 sorts of joints are accessible: weld, turn free, motor clockwise, motor counterclockwise.

The quicker, more modest and lighter you complete every one of the levels, the more extra focuses you get.

Highlights of Droid Machine 2

  • Absolute Physics-based game
  • Good Freedom of construction
  • Has Rectangle and circle elements
  • Rods with 4 joints type : weld, rotate free, clockwise, counter-clockwise
  • Offers MultiTouch Support
  • Multiple solutions for each level
  • High scores & Music
  • Not tracker, no ad

There are a tutorial and 8 stages of 16 levels each. Each level completed unlocking the next one. The first 2 stages are unlocked at the start. First in-app payments unlock all the levels and allow access to the solutions of all levels. The second app-payment allows also unlocking an editor mode to create levels. It also allows saving solutions.

You can unlock the premium by clicking the below code and enjoy to the fullest satisfaction.


I conclude by saying Things in life are a bit overwhelming. This game makes everything better for a relaxing life. I offer my most sincere gratitude to the creators. This is superb a game. It’s challenging and that’s good because it makes you think. You have to figure it out without hints and that’s the challenge. Great games you have to try it and you will enjoy it for sure.