Apparently, latest cars trending in the market have always created an incredible spectacle for car lovers each time they are unveiled. This is concerning their classic and high-quality formation that has left many people awed with some even going ahead to purchase them. Sometimes the process of getting the best car can be quite challenging due to various classic models that are available in the market. Getting a precise exposure both in display and features in a convenient manner can be quite resourceful.

Sedignex Ltd has gone ahead to design a fantastic app that gives car lovers an easy time when in need of flashy cars. Dazzled Cars app is the absolute choice for those willing to make an order for a new car or even to make a sale. It also serves as an interactive platform where car lovers can share different car photos and videos to the social media.


How the Dazzle Cars app operates

The entire setup of this great app is quite fascinating! The user will discover that this app has adopted user-friendly features that make it easy to work; this is especially when it comes to listing different cars. Once the �sell a car’ ads have been activated, they are abruptly displayed in the global car market. It clearly implies that the car will indeed be sold out within a relatively short time frame. On the other hand, buyers have a fun and spontaneous moment while using Dazzle Cars app. One can comfortably perform a quick search for different cars found in various countries and engage in various car deals. For one to facilitate such transactions, Dazzle Cars app has a platform where one can have a direct contact with sellers using the instant messages.

Besides, Dazzle Cars app has integrated an amazing photo editor features that help users to customize different car photos into stunning wallpapers. Additionally, one can also proceed to upload different photos and videos on social sites where individuals can give comments and ratings. Users will also have a unique opportunity of getting updated with the current trending car news from the entire world. It is something every lover will be ready to get an exposure too!


Compatibility of Dazzle Cars app

It is clear that this great app has taken into account high-quality formation especially concerning the display feature. This is bound to ensure that its performance is stable and satisfactory to its users. Thus, the high-quality compatible devices perfect for this recently updated app is Android phone (with different variations regarding the version).

Cars Featured?

There is quite a wide range of cars that the user will come across; for instance, some classic types include sportscars, 4 x 4, Custom cars, supercars, luxury, modified among others. It gives the user an incredible taste of selection to make. When it comes to different individual car models displayed, some of them include McLaren, Porsche, Bugatti, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Cadillac, Ferrari, Volvo, Chevrolet, Lexus, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Ford, Dodge, BMW, Mazda, Tesla, Mitsubishi, Toyota, GMC, Citroen, Buick, Jeep, Infiniti, Audi, Aston, Nissan, Hyundai, Martin, SsangYong, Land Rover, Subaru, Volkswagen, Bentley, Peugeot, Maserati and Jeep.

Here are the distinct features found in Dazzle Cars app:

Make a purchase or sell a car!

Interestingly, the platform set in this app is quite easy for one to post and list a car which to is reflected in the global market within a couple of minutes. The buyer and seller can engage in transactions (by telephone, email or chats) regardless of their present location and make deals using different currencies. Meanwhile, the buyer can get all get all information regarding the price, model, year of manufacture and other related car details using improved search options. On the other hand, the seller can manage inventories, update or edit ads both for new and pre-owned cars.

Upload a dazzled car photo or video and get rated

This is an interesting feature that allows the user to upload amazing pictures of fantastic cars on this great app. The user can proceed to make customized editing using the present photo editor. After such changes, the user can share and tag the photo to friends on social media. Each moment a friend comment, the user is instantly notified. An interesting thing to note? By creating a dazzled car, one gets an automatic chance to compete for the Car of The Week!

With the video update, the user can upload the best videos showcasing different dazzled cars and apply tag ability to facilitate sharing. Notification will be received each time a comment is made after the video has been viewed.


Get updated with trending car news

An individual is updated on news relating to different car releases made all over the world together with news on hot trending topics on cars. Besides, the user gets to know the previous week’s Top Dazzled Cars and who won the competition. Furthermore, any next car games and events and latest car for sale are all displayed.

Get briefings on Dazzled cars

This fantastic platform allows one to get different highlights concerning car deals. These include issues relating to advertisements of cars, inventory management for cars sold and those listed and also promoting various car websites. Also, the user can chat with other car dealers with the aim of fostering business.

Promote Dazzled Car to bigger events

This fabulous Dazzle Cars app gives one a unique opportunity to expose the dazzled car to stunning events such as car racing both locally and internationally. Besides, this interesting feature can be used to bring in new members to registered clubs and such significant events.

Here are the Pros and Cons for this great Dazzle Cars app:


• A fantastic platform to share dazzled photos

• Listing cars for sale is quite easy and efficient

• Quite a big range cars to choose from for purchase

• Constant highlights on car news keep one updated

• Communication with car dealers is really effective


• Mild in performance sometimes

• Not fully active when offline


In summary, Dazzle Cars app has proven to be quite efficient and effective when it comes to delivery. With a current rating of 5 stars, this is a clear indication that it has perfectly met the needs of the customers and users. With the integration of new features like news feed, video uploading and tagging and great user interface, the user is set for an unstoppable experience. Don’t miss to get it today at Google Play for free!

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