How about you have an app that gives you the freedom of choosing the things you want to share and those that you want to keep to yourself. With something like ShazzleChat, everything is private and secure. Shazzle takes the liberty of the users as the first priority and it is built in such a way that it doesn’t look or store your personal information.

ShazzleChat is a messaging app that allows you to send messages directly and it doesn’t use your data. The innovative technology ensures that you take control of what you want to share and save. It takes your privacy as a priority and you can see for yourself your own private network and you are the only person in-charge of it. The app allows for transfer of files with an encrypted patented protocol.

Published by Shazzle LLC, the app falls under the communication category. It would be your personal privacy network and it allows you to send and receive messages through your own peer-to-peer network. Just download the app and you can start using it once you receive a SMS verification email. The app allows you to share and chat with many people at once by allowing you to form groups. You can indulge yourself in group chats with your kith and kin and talk your heart out without the fear of public scrutiny. The app facilitates importing all the contacts and it lets you invite people and connect with them.

ShazzleChat has an additional security measure that asks you to set a password. You also have no worries when you share files with others as it is completely secure with set timer options for self destruction. It allows for self-destruct timers to be given to all sorts of media files – photos or videos. This ensures that your private data remains safe and is not confiscated by third parties. No just photos and videos, even your sensitive documents remain confidential.

ShazzleChat is compatible with all Android devices and requires 5.0 and later versions. It will soon be available for iOS users as well. The team is always open to feedback and will answer your queries in case there is any. This software is completely free to download and the interface is very good for use.

The no servers, no web and the ultimate peer-to-peer search functionality make ShazzleChat the most preferred privacy network. Download the app today and enjoy private internet communications without any compromise.

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