With the spread of coronavirus all over the globe, it has become essential that we spend our time socially separated from others. This doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world, there are several means to stay connected and one thing I explored of late to stay socially connected with my loved ones is the Toodls app.

What is the app about?

Toodls is an app that allows you to identify, host and organize your social life. It lets you to organise anything from online LIVE events to in-person interactions. Released by MaGlobe, Inc, it falls under the ‘Lifestyle’ category in the App Store and the ‘Social’ category in the Play Store. It assists you in staying socially connected with your loved ones – friends and family.

Working of Toodls:

All that you must do is to sign up using your email id. Then you have to enter a few details like your full name, DOB, phone number, password and that’s it, you can get started. The app allows you to mention your marital status and also lets you select whom you want to get connected with – either male or female. Toodls asks you to add a small description about yourself, photos and a little more details to start getting connected. As you receive the activation code, everything gets over and that’s it, you can start socializing even when you are away from others.

Toodls help you to find events and activities under various categories like Live Music, Dining, Sporting Events, Health, Personal Care, etc. Joining an event is so simple, just find one and click on the ‘Join Event’ button. You can include your own guests or invite your family/friends to join those. All the in-person events can be hosted after the lockdown whereas the online events can be conducted now.

Special features of the app:

Toodls has three columns namely: Account, Events and Invite to help you access everything with ease. What I liked most about Toodls is that they do not display any ads. It helps you share info in a much secured way. Using this, your personal info like email, phone number, social media profile etc remain completely private and you do not disclose anything. Using this app, you can organise the private and public events you want to host with the guests – like only females or both genders and also set the location of your preference – like at the backyard of your home or at a park.

Based upon the level of use, the app has two plans: the free and the premium. The free plan allows you to join and create unlimited events, make virtual events, in-person activities, receive notifications and invite family and friends. The premium plan comes with an yearly subscription with other added features like options to create public and private groups, add and view pictures and chat with other participants.

The app is completely free and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. 

Worth Having App – Download the App