Ever had a case when you were travelling right through the middle of a jungle in the midnight and immediately your car stops? No, I won’t say that then a ghost or zombie will show up but when you’re far away from any mechanic service, all you can hope for is another car passing by that can give you a lift. If we look at the root cause, then this problem could be prevented if we had any indication of the engine problem. That’s why most of the cars nowadays come with OBD systems installed which constantly check any occurring problems and alert you at the right time. But now we’ll be going one step ahead with your phone reading all the parameters and recording them to show later. Let’s head to the app then!


I am talking about the new Android app called OBD Car Doctor Pro that has been developed by Mobile Developed. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or any later version of the OS. I personally wasn’t much aware of these OBD systems by now but when I saw its applications, it wasn’t something really easy to be ignored.


The app is compatible with all the OBD-ll compliant cars. When you first open up the application, you’ll be introduced to a few tabs. Go for the car parameters and enter the details of your vehicle such as model number, brand, volumetric efficiency, etc. You should notice that this app requires an ELM 327 or compatible Bluetooth adapter which you can connect with your phone. Connect your phone with the Bluetooth device and you’re ready to read and record everything on your phone.


The main advantage of using a phone device over a regular OBD system is that you can track any problem on your phone device and shoot a video of the problem along with GPS tracking. This can prove to be useful in case of an accident as you can actually show to the insurance company that it was actually not your fault but from the vehicle’s side. You can record various parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed, rotation and even fuel economy parameters if you feed in the volumetric efficiency of your vehicle correctly. The graphical data representation and the integration of maps within the app are some of the features that make it a well worthy app.


The app has a very intuitive user interface and can very easily be used. All the parameters are constantly recorded in the background and therefore you don’t need to check it again and again. The app is available for $2.99 in the App Store. However, just to check the compatibility of this app with your device, the developers have also provided a free version to check out.

Pros: very easy to use; graphical representation of data; integrated maps; real time parameters recording; GPS support; free version available to check compatibility with your device.

Cons: none.

App Rating :  *  *  *  *

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