Are you an Ardent trader? If you are into Forex trading and are constantly searching for updates in the field, then this app is a must -have. ADSS Trading App, Orex provides every single detail of the market at one place thereby facilitating a hassle – free trading experience. Published by ADS Securities LLC (“ADSS”), listed under the Finance genre, this awesome app allows you to access the global market anytime and anywhere providing a vast access to the market’s leading spread.

The firm provides self-driven traders a multi-asset solution via the ADS Prime account offerings. It also provides management solutions for the investors. ADS’s licensed, secure products and services are monitored by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and in Hong Kong by the Securities and Futures Commission(SFC). As you open the app, you can take a test drive that clearly explains some important features of the app. The app allows you to create a guest account for free. Many investment products are available for clients through this app.

The ADSS Trading App, Orex allows you to create either a demo account or a live account. First Name, Last Name, Residence, Phone and Email Address are all the necessary details to be included in the app in order to create an account. The app also lets you to sign up with Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat and Google+ . Once you register, you can easily login to your account.

The app has many highlighting features with more than 90+ currency pairs, one button account deposit/withdrawals and a 1000 CFDs that includes Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crytpos, Single Stocks and the lot.

ADS Securities offers varied research content among the various platforms including its website. The sentiment widgets, earnings calendars, industry-standard news are some among the doting features of the app. The company incorporates a formula of technical and fundamental analysis to give the traders an outstanding experience with internal and external research content.

ADSS Trading App, Orex has Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium ETF’s. The functionality of the app is available in both English and Arabic languages. The app also provides a real-time trading news, technical analysis, research and charts.

With the increased fraud and scam in the trading industry, this app by ADS Securities, is definitely a trustworthy source. ADSS Trading App, Orex is intuitive, user friendly and simple to use. The app’s latest version 1.6.7 is made available in the Play Store and iTunes App Store since October 18.

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