Arcade games fascinate everyone because of their simplicity and adrenaline rush gameplay. These games test the gaming skills and hand-eye coordination of the player. Eat Man is one such ultimate time passer game that never fails to entertain anyone who downloads it. Though the app looks uncomplicated, it actually puts your competitiveness to test as you proceed.

Prepare yourself to face the challenges of this invasive game developed by MDeeApp that is based in Italy. Eat Man, Action Game that falls under the arcade genre, features a small man who is lost in a remote planet. All you have to do is to help the man get closer to his spaceship. The objective of the game is to be eaten by the monsters. Once you get eaten you respawn every time to the successive level.

The game has over 6 worlds each with twelve levels. The gamer has to jump on the rotating objects until he reaches the monster’s belly. The monster looks like a big cat with vampire teeth. It is really funny enough to watch the big monster chew you to pieces. Whether you stand up or be upside down, you will be attached to the object with it’s gravity. You have to cross all the hurdles like spikes, meteors and stones. Dodging the meteors need a skill of concentration that you will master through the gameflow. As you complete one level the next level gets unlocked.

Using the settings icon in the app, you can turn on/off the music and sound of the game. Eat Man has three control keys namely the left arrow, the right arrow and the up arrow to let you jump from one point to another. You can make use of the diamonds that you have collected all the way to proceed to the next level. The game keeps a clear track of the levels reached and the number of diamonds that you have collected.

Eat Man, Action Game can be downloaded for free on all Android devices. The app’s background music keeps the players in a thrilling pace. The black and white design of the game is very aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. The action packed game with it’s highly original concept is unique and fun-filled and will definitely offer hours of fun. What are you waiting for? Get ready to grab your spaceship and return back to earth.

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