Happy Swiper is developed by Boeve Automatisering. They are well-experienced developers. They also have experience in the arcade game category. This game is available on the Play Store. It requires Android version 5.0 and above. Boeve Automatisering let available this game for people above 3 years old. It is obtainable for free and has an in-app purchases option too.

Happy Swiper is the latest game that will lead this game developer to use advanced technology to develop this game. This game has an attractive design. It has great graphics that will make player’s eyes never get away. This app has a good sense of sound knowledge that will helps enjoy the game from start to finish. Happy Swiper is easy to play. You will understand this game very quickly. This game has simple rules to follow so you will play this game without having any stress in your mind. It has so many squares within one large square shape design. Initially, you have a minimum number of rows and columns in the game. If you successfully finish levels then you will see there are more rows and columns appear in the next level.

When you fresh start the game it looks like all squares have different types of tasty fruits within that square box. You have to swipe in the row-wise or column-wise direction to play the game. You need to swipe all square boxes until you turned all fruits into smile faces. Once you found all smile faces in those square boxes that signify your success at a particular level. After that, you will reach the next level to play that also has the same gameplay. But it is more difficult than the previous one. This game becomes more difficult than earlier at every level you reach. However, you will feel happy when you see happy faces all over your screen. Happy Swiper doesn’t have any time limit. Therefore, you don’t have to be rush. You can play calm and relax mood. This game holds you for a long time because it has hundreds of levels to success which makes you happy. It is a very clean and colorful game that will engage you in your free time.

Happy Swiper will challenge your puzzle-solving skill at the maximum level. But you can easily tackle these challenges by simply doing an effortless swipe across your screen to get succeed. This game requires payment details when you want to buy from an in-app purchase. You can remove your payment features at any time. There are many games out there that will force you to get stressed and make your brain restless. But Happy Swiper is very simple and keeps you relaxed while you are playing with it.

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