Just like plants need water to grow, our body needs energy and it needs to be replenished regularly. Similarly, the Smartphones and iPhones, need energy to do their job and when they’re used more and more, the battery level goes on decreasing and you need to charge it again. But what happens if you don’t have a charger right now or you left it at your home while going out. Don’t you think that there should be some inbuilt battery saver which acts as your savior when you need it the most or when you’re in trouble. A software or an application which can extend your battery life in the same way as the medicines cure a disease and extends a patient’s life! Yes! there’s something for you which will not let you down!

It’s called Sudo Battery, which is the best battery app that helps to extend battery life of your Android Smartphone. Moreover, it helps to track the battery usage of your phone. The app has been developed by Sudo Inc. and it’s compatible with all the Android phones having the latest version of the Operating System.

Everyone gets frustrated if their mobile phone is always showing a red sign of low battery. Don’t you? But, I’m not facing that problem since I’ve installed Sudo Battery in my phone. It’s such a wonderful application that not only help you to protect the battery, but, also extend the battery life of your phone by using energy switching. You know what is the process behind saving the battery of your phone, how Sudo battery helps to save battery? Let me tell you!

Firstly, the app will find all the apps that drain most of the battery for your phone. Secondly, the app will close unnecessary background processes to make a long lasting battery for your device. It’s a one-tap power saver and battery optimizer for your phone. When your phone is suffering from battery drain, then use this feature only to stop the excessive drainage, increase battery life and use an effective battery saver.

Sudo battery acts as a quick charger for your phone which speed up charging. Yes, whenever you plug in your phone’s charger, the app will ask you whether you want to activate the fast charging mode or not! If you want, your phone will be in the charge mode as fast as possible. Basically, it turns off data sync, reduce the brightness of screen, sound, etc. and thereby quickly charge your phone.

Sudo battery is a battery doctor and power saver and moreover it is 5 times faster than other battery savers. You should always choose the battery saver mode when your phone is at low battery level. This application has its own CPU Cooler and Phone Cooler which also helps to save the battery life and helps you take off the unnecessary processes and cool down your phone very quickly. Sudo battery has a Junk file cleaner also which cleans up junk files, frees up memory for the phone.

With this amazing battery saver, you can always check the battery status of your phone such as battery level, remaining battery, energy switching, battery drain, battery time, power consumption, battery monitor and do an Accu check.

This app has really some magic powers, which boosts up your phone and saves energy. Don’t you want to get this app? Hurry up and protect your battery!

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Pros: best battery doctor and power saver; quick charger; extends battery life; boosts your phone; inbuilt CPU cooler; cleans junk files; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App